Great Women of Islam

Posted on: Saturday, April 5, 2008

This book has been sitting in my book shelf for a long time, when i finally decided to read it. I thought of reading a chapter, and switching back to an another book. But, I was so mesmerised by the book and its contents that I couldnt help but go on reading this book, Praising Allah and admiring the women who where given the Good News of Paradise in their lifetime.

This book – Great Women of Islam by Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar talks about two kinds of Women, First the ‘Mother of Believers’ , who had the great honour of been married to our beloved Prophet S.A.S and were given the good news of Paradise in their lifetime. And the second ‘Woman Companions’ who were given the news of Paradise too, and where the companions of our prophet S.A.S, bringing their faith in Islam and Muhammad S.A.S and are as follows –

Mother Of Believers

1.Khatija R.A.A 2. Saudah bin Zam’ah R.A.A
3. Aishah R.A.A 4. Hafsah bint Umar R.A.A
5. Zainab bint KahzeemahR.A.A 6. Umm Salamah R.A.A.
7. Zainab bint Jahash R.A.A 8. Juwayriah bint Harith R.A.A
9. Safiyyah bint Huyayee R.A.A 10. Umm Habibah Ramlah bint Abi Sufyan R.A.A
11. Maimoona bint HarithR.A.A

Women Companions

12. Fatimah Bint Muhammad S.A.S  13.Fatimah bint Asad R.A.A
14. Umm Rooman R.A.A  15.Sumayyah bint Khabat R.A.A
16. Umm Haram bint Malhan R.A.A 17. Asma bint Abu Bakr Siddique R.A.A
18. Umm Sulaim bint Mahlan Ansariah R.A.A  19. Umm Anmarah Naseebah R.A.A
20. Ar-Rabee bint Ma’uwth R.A.A  21. Faree’ah bint Malik R.A.A
22. Umm Hisham bint Harith bin Nu’man R.A.A  23. Umm Salamah Asma bint Yazid bin Sakan Ansariah R.A.A
24. Umm Sa’d Kabshah bint Rafi Ansariah R.A.A  25. Umm Munthir Salam bint Qais R.A.A
26. Umm Waraqah bint Abdullah bin Harith Ansariah R.A.A 27. Umm Aiman R.A.A

I want to advise everyone here, reading my post, to Please buy or rent this book and read it. It is one of the most beautiful Islamic Book ever, which i am gonna cherish for my entire lifetime. I cannot thank Allah more for giving me the Hidaayat to read this book, after which i respect the Sahabiyat even more, and even regret that i wasnt born in that Era of Muhammad S.A.S, so that I would have accpeted Islam and earned a place in Jannat. May Allah guide us all.Ameen. May Allah bless my Mother-in-law too for buying this book and giving it to me, Ameen

I shall inshallah be posting a little about every one of the Sahabiyat, for the ones who cannot buy this book for some reason, hoping that it would benefit you as well. I hereby invite all of you to share whatever knowledge you have, whatever Hadith you know on the subject (The above mentioned Sahabiyat) which will be written hereof.

Anyone who read this book ? Please feel free to share your opinion with us.


21 Responses to "Great Women of Islam"

i’ve read this book too. it was a while ago though but i remember being just as inspired and excited about it.

That seems like an interesting read, hope its available in Pakistan as well…I’ll look for it and than post my opinion 🙂

Good timing. I was looking for a book of this type, the ones I have found have been either lon-winded or poorly translated so i will look for this one.

I will look for it here in the Philippines. I hope there is. Inshaallah. 🙂

Your posts on religion regarding on any topic are treasure for people like me who always giving excuses not have time to read it in detail but at least stopping at your blog and having a taste of such wonderful sharings is all due to your great effort.

Beautiful. I personally love Khadija so much. She is an example of strong independent muslim woman.

Nice Maryam. Please do post some more from the book 🙂

Im going to look into getting this book 🙂

Mona … Isnt it a wonderful book, I loved it too.

Lubbu …. It probably will, as i think there’s a wide variety of books available in Pakistan. Do write me about it …. 🙂

Umm Salihah … How happy I am that My post was of some benefit to you. Let me know what you think of this book as soon as you finish readint it, Okay ?

Biakong … I hope so too, Try your best to get hold of this book, Its worth your time and money surely.

Aashely … Thank you for your lovely words, I am honoured sweety.

Shahrzad … Yes, She was. Our prophet S.A.S too had a special place of her in His heart compared to all his wives, because of her unique qualities, as mentioned in various hadith

Noble … I will inshallah,I am so glad you are looking forward to it…. 🙂

Miss Muslimah … Good girl. I hope you would find it soon,inshallah.

Salaams Sis:

I have the book and love it, too 🙂 I often refer to it when I am writing about the Sahabiyat. It is reliable and correct information.

A good recommendation: may Allah (swt) reward you!

it’s a good book, i read it recently. i think men should read it to appreciate us more, daughters of Khadija 🙂

will chk if we get this book here, looks informative , though i hv read bout all of them on one of the religious sites, dnt remember which one, thanks for the info .

Safiyyah … You are right, The knolwedge we get reading such books are worth the effort and time.

Amina … Thats an another good reason to let Men read it too, and also to appreciate that it werent only Men who were dear to our prophet S.A.S and Allah blessed them with their place in Paradise

Fatima … You are always welcome, May you find this book, Ameen.

Masha Allah … Thanks for sharing with us maryam 🙂

I havent exactly read this very book but read a few other books on sahabiyaat and umm ul momineen … stars and stars and strs spread in the vast skies of Islam … may Allah make us able to follow their paths, Inshah Allah!!!

*Hugs for sharing*

Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Good review 🙂
Thanks for the info, will try to see whether I can get the book over at my country.

If you haven’t already heard it, I recommend the audio lecture “Mothers of the Believers” By Imam Suhaib Webb

a s m a … Ameen for your duas.
You are always welcome sweety.

Adikbongsu …. I hope that you would find this book in your country, along with many others here …. 🙂

Anamumin … Oh! Thank you very much for telling us about that.

May Allah bless you all immensely, Ameen

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asalaamucalykum waramtulahi wabarakatu

sisters is there any one who can tell me where i can get the the sira of the sahabiyat(the females in the time of the prophet (saw)) in audio………..if u know a link or so please can u send it to me on my email which is


thanks jzl khairan

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