Posted on: Thursday, April 3, 2008

……. Spring. I really do. Its the only season which i love the most. Officially spring started a month ago, but its now that I feel and smell Spring. I equally enjoy Winter season too, as long as i dont have to go outside and can sit inside watching snowfall from my window, sipping coffee, cocconed in a warm blanket ….. 😀 . What I hate the most about winter is – Z has to shovel almost daily and sometimes twice in a day too, often hurting himself. Poor baby!  Yesterday, I got up and rushed to the window, to make sure whether Spring is actually here, I almost shreiked with laughter when i saw Beauty peeking through half-melting snow and claiming its region for the next two months. 

Canada looks at its best In Spring and Fall. Luckily I have a park in front of my house, which is an another thing i love about my home location (The first thing is that I have a library near by remember ???). I often go out walking, enjoying the lush greens everywhere, breathing in fresh air. As i am a total bookworm, I usually spend my time reading there, sitting on the bench; and sometimes just watch mothers strolling their Babies, kids playing happily, and girls flirting with almost every boy there, Yeah! They really do…. 😉 And No, I dont watch them, but i do notice them. ahem..

 We(Me and Z) often go for long-drives along the farm-sides, admiring the greenery spread as far as our eyes could see, and not to mention, those beautiful horses too ….. Ooohh ! I love horses, specially black ones. Arent they cute and one of the most beautiful animals on earth ??
Gosh! I am so excited I will again be going for long-drives, without wearing a coat almost my weight; and will finally be having a barbeque party at home ….. 😀

And most importantly, I love this part of the year also because it was during this time that I first came here, It reminds me of my reunion with Z  ……. Lol
Dont you all love spring too ? I dont assume anyone would disagree with me on this ? Anyone …

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13 Responses to "I LUV …"

Ya sweety, agree with you, I too love springs, coz I just love flowers and ya horses also …….. I just luv’em( they are so majestic), very well written post. Enjoy the season and have fun 🙂
Allah Bless you alwayz.

I love spring, i really do. Bcs i am spring girl. hehe 😀

As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister Maryam,

Yuppers.. I must agree with you. Both spring and fall are wonderful, and my favourite times of the year, alhumduliLlah.

Haha.. and the BBQ parties are definitely a plus to the whole thing 🙂

Wa’alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

I love to see the spring in Canada. 🙂

I love spring and winter both.Green appears in so many shades and trees are dressed in their bestest outfits with bright colours. Horse is also my favourite..a royal creature

“Canada looks at its best In Spring and Fall” so you DO live in Canada, I had been wondering! I think Fall is most prettiest in terms of colour but spring flowers do have their plus points. I’m still waiting for the flowers in my classroom to bloom.. within the next few weeks inshallah!

I think spring must be my favorite month as well 🙂

I love springs too Sweet Maryam, I have special bond with this season for plenty of reasons like i was born in this month, I love parks and nature and I love to sit at a nearby park with a book esp in the evening..my favourite fruits come in this season… 🙂

count me in on the list of spring lovers too!

I love spring but its also the season where the bees come out! and you already know how I feel about bees…Lol

I wish I can get to spend the rest of my life in a green land, living a very simple NATURAL life! Eating from what we grow & enjoying th earth & the sky..

I wish..

what I love about spring is that it means the long British winter is over and it’s not yet too hot for an abaya. Oh and daffodils.
I can’t belive there is a park and library right near your house, mash’Allah so lucky. I think I have found the criteria for where I want to move to.

Thank you everyone for your comments, May Allah bless you all immensely inshallah.

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