The Story of the Ditch (Part-II)

Posted on: Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Continued from here    

  They took him and when they ascended to the top, The boy prayed,  ‘O Allah! Save me from these people by any means that You wish’. So the Mountain shook and and they all fell down and the boy came back walking to the king. The king said, ‘What did your companions(the people i sent with you) do?’ The boy said, ‘Allah saved me from them’. So, the King ordered some people to take the boy on the boat to the middle of the sea, saying, ‘If he renounces his religion(well and good), but if he refuses, drown him’. So, they took him out to the sea and the boy again prayed, ‘O Allah! Save me from them by any means that you wish.’ So, they were all drowned in the sea.

 Then the boy returned to the king and the king said, ‘What did your companions do?’ The boy replied, ‘Allah saved me from them’. Then he said to the king, ‘You will not be able to kill me until you do as i order you. And if you do as I order, you will be able to kill me.’ The king asked, ‘And what is that?’ The boy said, ‘Gather the people in one elevated place and tie me to the trunk of the tree; then take an arrow from my quiver and say, ‘In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the Boy.’ If you do this, you will be able to kill me.’ So he did this, and placing the arrow in the bow, he shot it, saying, ‘In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the boy’. The arrow it the boy in the temple, and the boy placed his hand over the arrow wound and died.  The people proclaimed, ‘We believe in the Lord of the boy!’ Then it was said to the king, ‘Do you see what has happened? That which you feared has taken place. By Allah, all the people have believed( in the Lord of the boy). So, the king ordered that ditches be dug at the entrance of the roads and it was done, and fire kindled in them. Then the king said, ‘Whoever abandon his religion, let him go, and whoever does not, throw them into the fire’. They were struggling and scuffling in the fire, until a woman and her baby whom she was breast feeding came and it was as if she was being somewhat hesitant of falling in the fire, so her baby said to her, ‘Be patient mother! For verily, you are following the truth!’. 

Musim also recorded this Hadith at the end of Sahih. The king referred to here is Dhu Nuwas who killed almost twenty thousand believers,forcing them into the ditch dug by him, raging with fire.  It was about Dhu Nuwas and his army that Allah revealed to His Messenger S.A.S :-
Cursed were the people of the Ditch. Of fire fed with fuel.When they sat by it. And they witnessed what they were doing against the believers. And they had no fault except that they believed in Allah, the Almighty, Worthy of all praise! To Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth! And Allah is witness over everything {85:4-9}

This is the end of this story about the Boy, the Monk and the Ditch. How blessed were the people who died as Martyrs.
P.S:  The story behind the revelation of the Surah Al-Buruj and Surah Al-Fil is related. Which i shall post if anyone here is intrested in knowing/reading.


9 Responses to "The Story of the Ditch (Part-II)"

Im certainly interested, could u please post some more please…

A very nice post, a true meaning of martyrship.
Please post some more

indeed they were blessed. thank you for posting this!

Indeed a good story, thanks.

Jazak Allah khayr, nice story. Also would like to read about Surah’s al-Buruj and al-Fil insha Allah.

Which translation of ibn Kathir are you reading?

Nikki, Noble …… I will surely post further inshallah. I am so glad to know that someone is really intrested in knowing more. May Allah reward you, inshallah.

Mona …. You are always welcome sweety, They surely are/were blessed.

Fatima … You are welcome.

B Majnun ….. Its transliteration by Ibn Kathir, The name of the book is Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Its a set of 10 volumes. For your convinience , here is its online link, and if you wanna buy, you can buy it here

As Salaamu ALaikum SIs:

Interesting story.


as’salaamu alaykum Maryam,

Jazak Allahu khayr, your post really helped me.

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