The story of the Ditch (Part – I)

Posted on: Sunday, March 30, 2008

This story gives the reason for revelation of Surah Al-Buruj (#85) in Quran. This is mentioned in Tafsir of Quran by Ibn Kathir, which is believed to be one of the ‘Most Authentic Books of Islam’ by many scholars. I have split this story into  two parts, for i dont want any of you to get bored reading this, At the same time wanting you all to read this.

Imam Ahmad recorded from Suhayb that the Messenger of Allah S.A.S said,

“Among the people who came before you, there was a king, who had a sorcerer, and when he became old, he said to the king, ‘I have become old and my time is nearly over, so please send me a boy whom i can teach Magic.” So, he sent him a boy and the sorcerer taught him Magic. Whenever the boy went to the sorcerer, he sat with a monk who was on the way and listened to his speech and admired him. So, when he went to the sorcerer, he passed by the monk and sat there with him; and on visiting the sorcerer the latter would thrash him.So, the boy complained about this to the monk. The monk said, “Whenever you are afraid of the sorcerer, say to him: ‘My people kept me busy’ and whenever you are afraid of your people, say to them: ‘The sorcerer kept me busy’ ” So the boy carried on like that(for some time). Then a huge terrible creature appeared on the road and the people were unable to pass by. The boy said, ‘Today, I shall whether the sorcerer is better or the Monk is better.’ So he took a stone and said, ‘O Allah! If the deeds and actions of monk are like by You better than the sorcerer, then kill this creature so that the people can cross(the road).’ Then he struck it with a stone killing it and the people passed by on the road.

The boy came to the Monk and informed him about it. The Monk said to him, ‘ O my son! Today you are better than I, and you have achieved what I see! You will be put to trial. And in case you are put to trial, do not inform(them) about me.’ The boy used to treat the people suffering from congenital blindness, leprosy and other diseases. There was a coutier of the king who had become blind and he heard of the boy He came and brought a number of gifts for the boy and said, ‘All these gifts are for you on the condition that you cure me.’ The boy said, ‘I do not cure people; it is only Allah who cures people. So, If you believe in Allah, and supplicate to him, He will cure you.’ So, he believed in Allah and supplicated to Him, and Allah cured him.

Later, the courtier came to the king and sat at a place where he used to sit before. The king said, ‘Who gave you back your sight?’ . The courtier replied, ‘My Lord’. The king then said, ‘I did ‘? The courtier said, ‘ No, My Lord and your Lord – Allah’. The king asked, ‘ Do you have another Lord beside me?’, The courtier replied, ‘Yes, Your Lord and My lord is Allah.’ The king tortured him and and did not stop until he told him about the boy. So, the boy was brought to the king and he(king) said to him(boy) ‘O Boy! Has your magic reached to such an extent that you cure congenital blindness, leprosy and other diseases?’ He said, ‘ I do not cure anyone, Only Allah can cure.’ The king asked, ‘Me’ ? The boy replied, ‘ No’ , The king asked  ‘Do you have another Lord beside me?’, The boy replied, ‘Yes, Your Lord and My lord is Allah.’ The king tortured him and and did not stop until he told him about the Monk. Then the Monk was brought to him and was asked to abandon His religion. The Monk refused, so the King ordered a saw to be brought and placed in the middle of his head and he fell, sawn in two. Then it was said to the man who used to be blind,’ Abondon your religion’. He refused to do so and so a saw was brought and placed in the middle of his head and he fell, sawn in two. Then the boy was brought and asked to abondon his religion, The boy refused and the king ordered him to be sent on so-and-so mountain with some people. He told the people, ‘Ascend to the mountain with him till you reach its peak, then see if he abondons his religion; otherwise throw him from the top.’

                                                                                                                                    CONTINUED HERE ……


9 Responses to "The story of the Ditch (Part – I)"

it is well explained. Imam Ahmed is one of most reliable!

i vaguely remember reading this. waiting for part 2.

Sadly I am ashamed to say..I don’t remember reading this at all………….gosh……….time to go pray………….

please post part 2

Nice story , waiting for part2, By the way I like the way u balance the posts in your blog(both religious and worldly[day to day life] issues). Also wanted u to know tht yr link 2 yr favourite pages, is sooooooooooo convenient, i just click on it n c whoevers’ i wanto . Thanx.

Amina …. Yes, He surely is.

Mona …. I am so glad that you found this tory intresting. I never hear this stry before, hence thought of sharing it with you all.

TheangryMuslimha ….. Yeah, Me too . But, Its never too late,Is it ?
I have posted the Part-II of it.

Fatima …. Thank you for your lovely words. That basically is the idea behind my blog not to bore the readers with certain topic always as well as spread awareness among them.I am very happy you liked it.
My fav pages, took a lot of time to be made, but it is worth it, Isnt it ? Your words made me happy. Once again – Thanks sweety.

May Allah bles you all, Ameen

Masya-Allah…..this is very interesting. Thank you 🙂

You are always welcome … 😀

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