Me, Hhmmm ….

Posted on: Friday, March 28, 2008

I have been tagged by my dear friends Sara and Laila (Looks like I am quite popular .. lol) to write 10 Random facts about me, which you all are unaware of …. Isnt that supposed to be confidential and not to be posted on internet ????  Okay, Okay, Here i start

The rules are:

“Post 10 random things about yourself
Choose 5 people to tag and a reason you chose each person
Leave them each a comment directing them to your blog so they know they are it
You can’t tag the person who tagged you
As a courtesy to the person who tagged you, please let them know when you have posted”

1. I am from India, but that isnt my birth place ….. 🙂 . Let me give you a small hint, It starts with the letter ‘L’ , Keep guessing … 😉

2. I am a very bold girl, There isnt anything which really scares me off (Okay, There arent many things which scare me. Is that okay now? )

3. I HATE superficial movies like all the Super-heroes movies (Spider-man,Super-man, Bat-man, Iron man,including I Am Legend), and movies where Americans are shown as ‘The’ rescuers or savior’s  (like in Rescue Dawn, The Kingdom etc)
4.  I cannot spend more than 30 minutes in one sit on Internet. Its a great invention but(no offense) I dont seem to enjoy my time on it atall. I hate it when Z spends more time with it than me ….. !!!!

5.  I trust people rather soon and easily, I dont seem to understand whether its a good habit or a bad one, but i guess i would choose the latter one, wouldnt you ?

6. I have waited for 1.5 years before I got my visa to join my Hubby here. Pathetic, Isnt it ?? I know …

7. I luv to sings(Always wanted to be a singer, but not anymore) and I firmly believed back then that My voice was purely made for singing, I know i shouldnt be praising myself … sigh , but thats true … 😉

8. I am the smaller one in my family, but got married to the elder one among my Husband’s siblings. What a switch, Isnt it ?

9. I do not like people who are lazy, Who dont understand the importance of Time and gamble with it …. 😦

10. And lastly, I looove cookies, I can easily munch on a whole bag of it, and would still ask for an another one …. 😆 . And No, I am Not fat, for your information .

I am not sure whether I tag anyone or not, But i will appreciate if someone want to share with us their 10 random facts. Do leave a comment and tag yourself ….. 😉

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23 Responses to "Me, Hhmmm …."

first of all, thanks for answering the tag 😀

secondly, I love you more with these facts now ❤

And oh my God! I’m totally with you on number 3..

“I am the smaller one in my family, but got married to the elder one among my Husband’s siblings. What a switch, Isnt it ?”

Its very good. Shahryar and i both are eldest in our own family. Sometimes we both claim to rule and we both are ambitious!! 😀

I know a woman who waited more than 5 years for her husband, and another one more that 4 years. It could be worse anyway.

You’re a good woman. I liked your personality. Lucky Z 🙂

Salaam sis,
Id like to do this tag,im just worried i wont find 10 things interesting enough about myself to write about! :S

and I want to take a shot at your trivia question..lol..im hoping that its a country and not a state..my guess is….lithuania!….did I get it right? what do I win,if I did? lol
or maybe its..long island…louisiana…I know, im cheating now….. 🙂

Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Hi-5 Maryam….you and i both share the same position as stated in no. 8.

I too am the youngest in my family and my husband is the eldest in his family…hehehe

Maryam, how can you be a blogger who doesn’t spend loads and loads of time on the internet?! Oh wait, I guess that’s called moderation.

I wanted to say exactly what Mona said!
And thanks for answering the tag!
Have a great day!

Birth place starts with ‘L’, lemme guess, Lala Musa in Punjab? 🙂

so you are from India, that’s so cool..been there 4 times, I love india:)!

Sara …. Thank you for your lovely words. Love you too … 🙂

Shahrzad …. Really, I dont suppose you both always keep fighting to claim who listens to whom, Do you … 😉
Thank you sweety, for your compliment,Z surely is a lucky man … 😀

Miss Muslimah …. Thats so sweet of you, I really dint expect anyone would tag themselves, I am so glad you did.
Nope, your guess is wrong too and Yes, Its a country name …. 😉
Miss Muslmah , You are tagged.

Adikbongsu …. Really, What a coincidence, But isnt that a GREAT switch ??

Laila,Mona ….. What can i say, I pass my time blogging, which is the only thing making internet bearable for me … 😉

SAWJ ….. Nope, Wrong guess.

Amina …. Me too 😀

i’m still getting over the fact that you don’t spend more than 30 minutes at a go on the internet!
whoa, i can spedn hooooooooooooours.

Well I am just the opposite of you on no.2, and just like you on no.9, well as for your birth place is it London? 🙂

woah! 1.5 years.. I’d better be thankful for the 1.5 months of visa wait that seemed to consume me!

surely home is where the heart is…

Mona …….I am not surprised, coz even my Husband thinks and does the same … 😦

Fatima ….. London .. Ooohh…. Nope, It isnt London … 🙂

mayG ……. You are a lucky girl mashallah, I used to get sooooooooooo frustated and angry, that i always threw tantrums on my poor people … 😉
Anyways, Its over now alhamdulillh.

hmm then is it lucknow? 🙂 trying out all possible options hehe.

sorry cant be coz india is nt yr birth place, maybe some arab country.

Aaawwwww … Its really sweet Fatima, Nobody’s trying as much as you do.

It isnt Lucknow, and I am not sure whether its a Arab country or not, maybe not ?? … 😉

You’re from lebanon right? tell me im right! you cant keep this up,you must tell us..lol!

Nope, I am not from Lebanon too …. 😀

Alright, Listen everyone, I was born in Libya(Africa) when my Papa(who is a doctor) was posted there. I lived there for not more than 3 years ….. 😆
H A P P Y … ??? 😉

Ahhh,my next guess was going to be liberia!

And yes I AM happy now..lol 😀

I am glad you are … 🙂
Well Miss Muslimah, I dont see you working on your tag, when are you going to write it up ?

You know what Maryam, there is nothing weird at all in your weird facts..all seemed sweet 🙂
Mine are pretty weird so I usually refrain myself from speaking abt them…
As for L..hmm..Libanon? libya? Laos?

Are you sure about point 4 😉 I can though spend hours and hours and hours on pc dear of mine 🙂

And still feel lucky girl that you had to wait only 1.5 years and masha allah you are with him now 🙂 I know a few girls who got their visas after 7-10 years :S Ooops thats pathetic 😦

Its because Lubbu, These arent the weird facts about me, These are simple 10 facts about me, which you all werent aware of .. 🙂
As for my birthplace, Its already answered … Lol

A S M A …. I am more than sure about that dear.I just cant … !!!
Yes, I am lucky, but wasnt very lucky … 😉

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