Gone with the Wind

Posted on: Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NOTE: This post may contain spoliers, Whoever havent read this book and want to read it, kindly proceed to the comment section without reading my post ….. 😉

Okay, Let me first tell you how i stumbled with this book. On of my regular visits to the library, My eyes fell on a pamplet – ‘Great Reads’, I couldnt help but take one and went through every book they mentioned and ordered books with appealing names, Thats how this book landed in my hands …. 😀

This is definitely one of my ‘Best Novels’ by Margaret Mitchell. I havent read any book till now, which describes every situation and scenario in such a detail as if I am actualy watching it, and Not to mention its exceptional characters.Even the Movie makers couldnt resist this beautiful story and ended up making a movie (Gone with the Wind) on it. I loved the main Character ‘Scarlet O Hara’ for her courage and bravery, and not much for her meanness ….. 😉 , But then C’mmon Who isnt mean ? Everyone is mean, everyhas HAS to me mean till some extent in order to survive.

Her first Love(as she thinks) Ashley Wilkes, breaks her heart and marries an another lady(Melanie, A beautiful soul) and leaves her on Scarlet’s responsibilty to look after when he fights war for confederates. And her relationship with Rhett Butler , the one whose heart she fails to captures, …. and who actually is the one whom she truly loves and adores. The story unwinds her various trails and her struggle to keep herself and her family sane after the war ruins, rebuilding the family treasures all on her own, herself been a mear 20 year old. She suffers heart break, and is does so many things a woman shouldnt ………..

Though the book was a Lengthy one(with 1042 pages), i never wanted it to end, which sadly It did. I liked Rhett over Ashely(for many reasons) and felt bad reading the end as I always love and believe in Happy Endings, But all together, It was truly a GREAT READ. Loved Scarlet and her famous quotes through the entire story – ” I wont think of it now,………. I will think of it tomorrow” ; “Tomorrow is an another day” 

I loved reading this book, and am looking forward to watching the movie too. I love to see the movies which are made based on any novel, after reading the novel for myself,(The next one in line is The Other Boleyn Girl …….. 😀 ) , I like to see the difference in the Author’s way of presenting a story and a Director’s. Anyone who havent read this book, Leave whatever you are doing right now and click here and order this book, You wont regret this, Honest … !!!!

We all loved this book, Dint We ???


13 Responses to "Gone with the Wind"

Gone With the Wind is fabulous 😀

The Other Boleyn Girl was good, and I noticed that there’s actually a series with it, someone on my blog suggested another title by the same author and I checked in the bookstore and there were about 5-6 books all related to this one story. I can’t wait to pick up the next!

i loved gone with the wond the first time, not so much the second time and maybe i need to revisit it.
i don’t know why, but i took an innate dislike to scarlett’s immature, selfish attitude. but can’t fault thatnaraative, the writing. it’s beautiful.
i really do think i need to revisit this book.

I have started this novel last year in summer vacations but couldnt finish it due to time constrained(though its there on my side table).
I have read till when Scarlett came back to her homeland after war and whenever I touch it,dont know how long I remain lost in it..master piece..I have movie too but didnt watch yet just to go with text first

someone bought the book for me, and i put off reading it for about a week because the size put me off!! but i was hooked from the first chapter. i hated scarlett at first because she was soo imature, but you can’t fault her courage and her abilty to “think of it later”
i’m not sure what i thought of the ending. i probably would have been disappointed if she married ashley, because it would have been so unrealistic and predictable. but i felt quite sad for her, falling out of love with someone is tough.

btw, it may be a good idea to put a spolier warnign before this entry for ppl who haven’t read it lol

Yess! finally finally finally!! 😀 I can again visit your blog…

Sweet Maryam, I’ve read Gone with the Wind thrice and I’m again planning to read it after reading your post..its my ultimate favourite book and I totally absolutely love it…there is another dialogue which became highly popular and for a while became my tag line too and that was;

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”
said by Rhett Butler ofcourse…

I love this book too, very much. One of my favourites. Also i love personality of Scarlett, the heroine of the book.
I want to name one of my daughters as Scarlett. 😛

Yes i like this Motto:”Tomorrow is another day!”

Sorry maryam ! have to disagree with you when it comes to this book , really do not like the book ! 😛

My all time favourite , i dnt mind reading it again 🙂
lovely book.

I love, love, love Gone With The Wind. I did watch the movie first but the book’s always better. I was about 16 and I started to twist my hair back parted in the middle and wish I was Scarlett.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, which are truly appreciated.

Amal … I know sweety, As i mentioned i dint like Scarlet atall for her meanness, Maybe coz i aint that mean …. !!!!
But the stoy took me off, I liked it.

Ahh, I havent had the chance to read it in full ever … ur description is binding me to buy it 🙂

I saw the movie though … sadly so many years ago that I dont remember much :s

Though this one dialogue is stuck … (that I just confirmed through Mr. Google too 😉 yup its from GWTW 🙂 ) My life is over … nothing will ever happen to me again. our interpretation of life in times of distress :\

Came across ur blog. I am a book lover too…. And going through your posts . Gone with the Wind is one of my fav books. I’ve read it 3 times……. and probably will again. love the characters, the story, everything about it.The line I love in the book is Rhett butler’s ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.’ 🙂 .
Haven’t read some of the books u’ve written about. Will do so. They sound intresting.

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