I feel ….

Posted on: Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunshine creeps in through my windows, illuminating my room. Trying to awaken me, deep in sleep, When i feel a soft hand of my Mamma(thats what i call my mom) on me, moving the curled strand of hair from my face and asking me to wake up in her soft and warm voice, Bending down to kiss my cheeks. I hear Papa reciting Quran(His daily routine) somewhere far with a loud voice. Wanting to see my Mamma’s face, i open my eyes. I then realise my mistake, with a tear in my eye. I shouldnt have opened my eyes and felt Mamma and Papa a bit more, without been greedy to see them ……. 😦
There’s no Mamma or Papa here, But are definitely there in my dreams and in my imagination …..

I Feel HOME-SICK ……. !!!!!!!!! I miss my home-country more than ever, I was unaware that i would miss my home-place like i do now, while i was leaving it. Even if i would have known, It wouldnt have made much difference to me, for I prefer not to live far distant from Z . Everything was well at first, enjoyed the new place, loved its weather, greenery and am now out of those eyes for Canada, I wanna see my India with those eyes now …. Sigh

There’s no harm in deciding to live somewhere far from our birth-place, but most of the times we arent fully aware of the price we willingly pay for it at first. What about those times when all we need is a hug from our loved ones, when we miss them dearly, of those times when we weep not realising until we feel the wetness on our cheeks, the times when you so badly want to see your loved ones for real…….. Gosh !!! I cannot take it anymore.

I am not saying that i am not happy or anything like that, Z is always very nice to me but I miss my parents dearly. I realised, I did not appreciate their support and love when i had it, as a daughter. Now, Life has moved on, and here i am, a Wife of someone, daughter-in-law to someone, and am no more a daughter…… !!!! Did i tell you enough that I love you Ma and Pa ? Did i always listen to you, For i am scared that I did not and often fought with you too ……. Sigh. Just wanna let you know – I love you. 

Well then, Here is the audio of one of my favourite songs by the musical mentor A.R.Rahman, on the same subject from the movie Swades. Hope you would like it too…. 😀


12 Responses to "I feel …."

aww..inshAllah, i hope you can go home soon.

awwwwwwww darling..

I wish you could go back to your old bed soon & get those kisses & hugs back.. I’m so glad through that alhamdulillah you’ve got Z 😀

pray for your folks always & be there for them no matter how big the distances are..

“ain’t no mountain high enough..
ain’t no valley low enough..
ain’t no river wide enough..”


*a big squashy hug*

Oh my God. Soon i will have kind of feeling home seek etc. Everytime i think that i will go to my own house soon in other country and i will be separated from them, i just wanna cry 😦
We never get old when its related to parents. Yes? We’re always that lil baby..

Hope u can visit your parents soon, i can imagine exacltly what you must be goin through coz its the same with me too, Keep praying for them alwayz, May the blessings of Allah be alwayz wid u,
Hey ! by the way I didnt know u were from India, which city ?

When we are with them,always take them forgranted,and just demands more in more but when life takes us away from them in any shape,with every breathe we just want to not utter but realize from core of heart that how much we love them….Pray for them all time….

“Now, Life has moved on, and here i am, a Wife of someone, daughter-in-law to someone, and am no more a daughter…… !!!!” My dear, you’re always a daughter, always, as long as you have parents you’re their child. Even when you have children of your own you’re still someone else’s child 🙂

awwww *cyeberhug*
i think it might be time to convince z he is need of a holiday ..say to India? xx

Maryam, that song from Swades is one of my favourites! I love it.

I know what you mean about the homesickness, the longing to be home in one’s country and with the parents. Our days spent with them come to us like dreams.

I share the same view as liya – you will always be their daughter 🙂 And its the case with anyone – you always take them for granted when they are there, and only feel their loss when you are far far away from them.

Mona …. Me too …. :’

Sara …. Lovely wods you have written Sara, I appreciate them

Shahrzad …. Lucky you, huh ?? Yeah, Thats the case with every woman in this world, and we are no different … !!!

Fatima ……. Its a very disgusting feeling, Isnt it ? I always pray for them, and even ask Allah to give us a oppurtuity to visit India soon, Inshallah.
I am from Mughal ka shehar Hyderabad ….. 😉

aashely …… Sweety, You are making me cry, Mamma … Miss you … 😦

Liya … Yeah, I will always be their daughter, but not as i was before i got married….. You know…

….. It is, Let me get to work right now .. 😉

Mummyjaan ……. Welcome to my blog.
So true, couldnt agree more with you. Isnt that a lovely song ?

Sumera ….. Yeah, Thats the case with everyone, but now as i am VERY far from my parents, I miss them … 😦

Thats one heartfelt post sweet Maryam…

Yeah, It really is Lubbu,
I am really glad that you are now able to visit my blog again, Was missing you … 😀

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