12 Rabiul’awal

Posted on: Thursday, March 20, 2008

As its 12 Rabiul’awal today, Following are some of the hadith showing us glimpses of our beloved Prophet S.A.S :-

Ali bin Abi talib reported: The prophet S.A.S was neither short nor tall. His head and beard were big, his hands and feet were fleshy, his complexion was reddish-white , nd he had thick joints. His face was round, and his eyeballs were black. is eyelashes were long, he had broad shoulders, and there was only one line of hair on his chest. His palms and feet were thick, and there was the seal of prophethood between his shoulders. One who had seen him would describe him by saying, ‘I have seen no-one like the Prophet S.A.S- before him or after him.’

Jabar bin Samurah narrated: I saw the Prophet S.A.S on a moonlit night, and I kept looking at him. He was wearing a red striped robe, and he appeared more handsome than the moon.

Umm Sulaym narrated: The prophet S.A.S would often come to my home for a little midday nap, and so I would spread a leather sheet for him. He would perspire profusely, and so I would collect his perspiration in a perfume box. Once the prophet S.A.S asked, ‘What are you doing?’ and I answered, ‘We save your perspiration, as it is most fragrant of all perfumes.’

Ibn Abbas narrated: The prophet S.A.S preferred white clothing, and he would often say, ‘White is ther best(colour for) clothing, so the living should use it, and dead should be shrouded in it.’

Abu Juhayfah reported the Prophet S.A.S said: I do not take meals with my back reclining against anything.

Aishah reported: Whenever the prophet S.A.S was sick, he would recite the verses of Mu’awwadhatayn(chapters 113 and 114 from the Quran), blow on his palms and then rub them all over his body.

Abu Hurayrah reported that the prophet S.A.S said: For every prophet there was an accepted invocation(i.e which Allah did not refuse) and every prophet hastened to make his. However, I have kept my invocation for the Day of Judgement to be used as an intercession on behalf of my people. And it will be, if Allah wills, accessible to every one of my followers who died without associating anything with Allah.


11 Responses to "12 Rabiul’awal"

Good Post , thanks for posting these deatils.

May we be among those who benefit from the Prophet’s (saw) invocation on the Day of Judgement. Amin.

Thank you for sharing this Maryam. I’d completely forgotten what yesterday was. It wasn’t untill the day was gone and night settled in that M reminded me it was our Beloved Prophet’s birthday. I don’t celebrate birthdays, but it’s good ot remember when one was born.

thanks for posting. it is one of the ebst day in year for me 🙂

Nice post..atleast we have seen some glimpses of our Muhammad(PBUH).We claim His(Pbuh)followers but hardly know about Him in true sense…

Peace and Blessings be upon our beloved prophet Muhammad.
Thank you so much for the nice post.
I have tagged you in a post, Maryam, hope to hear from you soon.

very Nice … it was lovely reading the details again 🙂

jazakum Allah 🙂

You are all welcome, Thanks for your lovely comments.

May Allah bless you all.

hello, first i’d like to say thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice comment. Also thank you for sharing this entry of yours, it’s was great and fun reading it. very nice and lovely entry.

You are always welcome Mommyallehs . Hoping you see you soon again.

Rabi al-Awwal mabrook, jazak Allah khayran for posting these hadiths, great reminder.

You are always welcome B Majnun

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