Wise Enough ?

Posted on: Monday, March 17, 2008

We are taught never to look back and keep moving ahead in our life, How far do we think its a wisest thing to do ? I do not completely agree with this, for I feel its very important for every individual to remember their mistakes, which makes us more humble and appreciative towards Life.

I have committed some grave mistakes in my life, I do have many regrets too, Just like many of us here, There is no shame in accepting them, as I have known long ago and believed that ‘Accepting, is the first step to overcome any misfortune’. Allah has helped me immensely with them, for which i can never thank enough. But I still at-times recollect those mistakes, Thanking Allah for helping me through those times, making me emerge as a stronger person. Whenever i think about my mistakes, a strange feeling engulfs me. I Look at life with a different eye, feel my faith in Allah strenghtening more and more. I appreciate the life that i have today.

A True friend is one who supports you in times of grieve and dark, goes a very famous saying. I very proudly declare that all the important relations of my life, stood by my side, and helped me with my difficult times. Wish i could find a way to thank Allah for blessing me with those meaningful relationships and then my loved ones too.

My advise for everyone out here is to Never forget their Mistakes, for been humble and having gratitude for life we have now is the best thing a human can do to feel happy and satisfied. I am not asking you to remember your mistakes daily and let your guilt eat you, but to keep the memory in your mind and heart and never let it to be lost.

And the memory of when those memories became anectodes


17 Responses to "Wise Enough ?"

Good thing you say here. Anyway remembering a mistake is good as long as we be able to take a lesson and “forgive” ourselves bcs of that.
We had done them. Finally past is not real anymore.Being regretful and blaming self dont solve the problem. We are human and we’re allowed to experiance the life through our mistakes to learn more. We grow up with our mistakes..

Its good to reflect on past mistakes. Its the only way we can learn.

i agree wholeheartedly with you. it’s so important to remember our mistakes, ask for forgiveness and learn from them.
we’d never move forward if we didn’t learn to reflect on and learn from our past.

Ha Maryam, such wise words from your mind. I guess we all have to do this as we tread on life’s path. Forgiving ourselves is the hardest part and I should know cos i’ve been in that situation once. But, i’ve learn from my wilful mistakes and have learnt to move on, while leaving the past where it belongs – the past.

Certainly such feelings make your day miserable but true to hold such memories to praise Allah (SWT) who helped us get through such situations and is certainly there for us when we need Him..

Thank you for posting such a beautiful message for your readers. I feel the essence of it. We all mistakes but the point is to learn from them and move ahead.

Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Good points Maryam and totally agree with you….remember our mistakes so that we may repent and learn from the mistakes but still we must not let the mistakes hinder us from moving ahead….instead use it as a catalyst to help us be closer to Allah and reach for success in life …here and thereafter….


Way to go…..Maryam…..loved this beautiful message…you always have wonderful insight..

nice post Maryam, wise enough 🙂 but in same time one must keep moving. mistakes can be corrected but not much can be done with faults

its a good thought, as long as one doesnt feel miserable thinking bout it.

Salaam maryam..
I really like this post…great advice…

Thank you for you comments, and am really gald that you all understood what i meant, rather than taking my words in a different/wrong meaning.

Mistakes only makes us grow wise, and strong. Hence, should be used that way, instead of crying and feeling guilty.

Yes, I agree with you, Maryam, that we have to look back to learn from our faults. Also, God sends us messages through experiences that we have in life. Sometimes you only understand why something happened after 10 years when another thing happens. Now if you don’t reflect on this, you don’t get the message.

Nice post and nice blog. I’ll be visiting often

There are some mistakes I’d rather not remember… too painful, even now.

My only consolation is I’m wiser now, and will never repeat them, insha Allah.

Oh who says forget the past :\ That’d be surely the most unwise thing to do.

Past is the rear-view mirror that helps you steering forward and it always go like this (while driving dont try just this ;-))

I always remember the mistakes I was scolded on or the ones that grew in real blunders, rest – probably I never made 😛

Laila …. Welcome to my blog sweety.
Now, thats exactly what i meant, Looks like we think alike …. 🙂

Bubbles ……. I know, Some of my mistakes are very dreadful too, but believe me whenever those images/memories touch me, I feel myself been born again, You know what i mean …. !!!

a s m a ….. Yeah, you are right.
I do hope nobody tries driving that way ,….. 😉

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