Racism Vs Humanity

Posted on: Monday, March 10, 2008

This is a topic which isnt new to anybody, Nobody is an alien when talked about this. But what difference does or did that make ? I know Racism is a very common thing everywhere, but mostly in Canada, US, and Uk, But dint i prefer to live in Canada ? Yes, I did. Just like many of us.

Moving to a new place, we do with huge hopes and expectations which are eventually disturbed by the racist comments and behaviour we often recieve, which is no more held as a secret among any of us. I havent judged anyone by their skin colour, their place of birth, then Why the Hell am i been judged so? Just because I am a Muslim, and not a Christian as you ? Just because I am not born here, though i am a citizen and you are ? Just because i am not the same colour as you ?

I saw a Movie lately- Crash, Its a very beautiful movie dealing with the same subject. Racism. This six letter word can destroys many lives around us, where people keep forgetting the importance and existance of Humanity. Specially after 9/11 every Muslim is targetted. Everyone of us is seen as terrorists, which Allah knows better, we arent !!!!! A white man/woman is given preference over us everywhere, let that be a job position, medical care emergency, insurance claim, or anything, even if we deserve better. Actually we dont, just because we arent as of their same colour. What can be more disgusting than this ??? Allah ,Or as they believe ‘Lord’ has given them their colour, then why are they so proud of it ? Be Proud of something that you yourselves obtained, which can never happen without Allah’s – ‘Lord’ order. Dont they realise this? They are into so many BAD things, having sex with millions before getting married, having kids out of a wedlock, drinking etc, which we <astaqfirullah> seldom or never involve in, and they are superior to us, Yeah, Right. They are …. !!!

I have seen many people here who have left wearing hijab fearing them. Who donot want to show that they are muslims openly, I would blame them too, for they shouldnt be fearing anyone other than Allah. If people wanna comment on me wearing a hijab, I would let them gladly mind their own filthy business. I want to advice any of you here who fears them and have eventually stopped practicing our religion as you wish to, “Please Dont fear them, Fear only Allah and practice Islam as you want, not the way they want”.

Inspite of all this, I love Canada. I trust Allah and then Z & myself and shall be raising my kids here Inshallah, giving them good knowledge in deen(religion) and duniya(worldly affairs) too. May Allah bless everyones child with guidance to choose “The Right Path” – Ameen!


10 Responses to "Racism Vs Humanity"

nice blog masha’allah… im with you on the film, i loved it!!

Racism unfortunately is found here in the muslim world & has been increasing throughout the past few year!

I myself, sometimes, used to judge people quickly, but that has been controlled alhamduliLlah πŸ˜€

All the best with your decision.. Canada is such a lovely place that has been embrassing a lotta diversity for too long..

Humans are humans.. let’s pray we’re on the right track baby girl πŸ™‚

Talking of racism, yesterday, an indian lady wasn’t able to walk (out of the blues) & they didn’t get her a specialist on time! This, for instance, would never happen to emiratis (the locals, people of the country) EVER!

Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Racism….its everywhere, can’t avoid it but can prevent it. All it takes is tolerancy and more tolerancy with one another. Do not rise to the provoking done by those who like to provoke and learn to take care of the words coming out from our mouth….these are some ways to avoid a conflict….

gud entry sister….very thought provoking…

I agree to each word you say, but don’t you think raising kids in an environment so unlike our religious and social setup will be a huge huge challenge?
This is one precise reason why UTP(my husband) and I had made a conscious decision never to consider US/Canada/UK etc as a possible relocation spot.
Alhamdulillah we ended up in UAE and there will be good and bad everywhere but its great to hear adhans five times a day and be able to find prayer areas for both ladies and gents everywhere within reach including malls, marts, parks even on the roadside.

I feel envy looking new book at your side bar after few days…lucky lady:)
You are living on their land however carrying nationality but they have natural prejudice against muslim and it has spiced even after 9/11..Muslims are passing worst time period of the world’s history..May Allah help us to stand up to defend ourselves…I dont how long we have been targetted:(

You’re one brave girl Maryam πŸ™‚
Yes, its very hard to take racism…glad you’re managing it successfully and proud of your origions and your religion πŸ™‚

aww subanallah just the other day i watched that movie , very good movie . I was crying and luaghing , the iranian old man cracked me up

I agree with you Maryam. And I want to live and raise my children in the future in Canada, too, because of the diversity it has.

Let’s all give racism and big kick in the butt by staying true to our Islamic values.

I admire your courage Maryam. You are a beacon for many Muslim women who are too afraid to be themselves.

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