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Posted on: Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sitting on a park bench, slightly shivering with cold, she stares at the snow covered ground, not really looking at it, but at the crisp image of her afternoon, with her blurry vision drenched with tears.

Her mind racing through the events, trying to figure out what lead to this . She closes her eyes, longing to open them and Thank Allah that it was only a nightmare. But, She sees the whole afternoon exactly as it happened, Her memory afresh filled with pain and agony. She feels so close to it that She could almost feel the pain in her arms when He holds her arms tightly and shakes her roughly, She can still taste the saltiness of her nerver-ending tears,She could still feel the pain of the sharp blow on her cheeks, She could hear her heart tearing apart, seeing the Man she seldom recognises anymore.

She realises it wasnt only His mistake, she was an equal participant in it too. She have said and done somethings which she now regrets, just the way He does sitting back at home, cursing himself for behaving in such a way with his Wife. Her memory wanders and takes her on to those beautiful times they spent together, those happy and blissful years of their marriage , She shakes those memories off,not wanting to think of her been happy with Him anymore but she cannot change the past, cannot replace the love she has in her heart for Him with hatred.

She quickly wipes her face with her hands and heads towards Their home, where she actually belong. Quaterway through, An image makes her gasp, She sees Him walking towards the park, searching for her knowing where to find her, where she often loves to spend her evenings ,the Park . She freezes right there, when His eyes locates her. With a faint smile on His lips, moving with steady pace, he comes and stands besides her. He takes her hands into his and plants a small kiss on them, On which a fresh trail of tears rolls down her cheeks. He aplogises for his mistake(s) and so does she. Going on his knees on the damp grass and producing her wedding ring from his pocket he asks her to marry him again, giving them both an another chance to make their lives Heaven again just as it was. Giggling, she says yes, and they both not caring about the people around them, embrace each other in a close hug.

– Fiction, My Work

” Amends maybe made, apologies can be accepted and forgiveness can lighten the burdens on our heart and soul, but the memory and agony is always there “.


7 Responses to "U & Me …"

Very nice girl!. You should write these things more often. πŸ™‚

We should let go of these bad memories & that shall set us free.. Letting go isn’t as hard as forgetting.. But it eventually leads to forgetting..

She should remember how caring he is & also remembers how harsh she was.. She should bear in mind that she didn’t marry an angel, nor did she marry a prophet..

She should capture that second proposal & never forget his sweet gesture πŸ™‚

aww. i love happy endings, i really do.

a lovely piece of writing!

Sooooooooooooo Shweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, such a cute story, well written Maryam – Keep writing more often. πŸ™‚

Beautiful! I love the way you’ve expressed feelings. (y)

Zios ….. Thank you so much

sara ……. And thats exactly what she did …. πŸ™‚

Mona …. So do we all. That makes life beautiful, doesnt it ??

Aashely ….. Thank you sweety.

Fatima …… I really appreciate yor support, I will inshallah.

…. Welcome to my blog. I am glad you liked it.

,May Allah bless you all.Ameen

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