” Kind Blogger “

Posted on: Sunday, March 2, 2008

Today is a happy day for me in my blogging world , Looking back I started blogging 5 months ago, and i am so happy to say that i have made some pretty good friends out here, Many of you visit my site regularly, helping me continue blogging. I have read many such posts of my dear friends these months and learnt many things. Thank you for making my blog a success, It wouldnt have been possible without your co-operation and support. I am growing rather emotional now, hence, let me stop and get back to my post. But Honestly friends – Thanks.

Today when i checked my e-mail as per my daily routine, A mail hugely surprised me . I had a mail from my dear friend DontBeSad  in my inbox, for which i didnot take much time before opening it. That is when i was surprised and started jumping with excitement ( Not caring that Z was looking at me with a curious face) ….. 😉 . I am been presented by a ‘Kind Blogger’ Badge in recognition of my submission to the random act of Kindness project. You can visit my Act of Kindness here   .

Thank you so very much Dontbesad for honouring me with such a beautiful batch, I really appreciate that.


9 Responses to "” Kind Blogger “"

You are definitely a ‘kind blogger’…in fact ‘one of a kind blogger’ 😛
and you r welcome! 😀

awwwwwwwwww 🙂

You know maryoomy, blogging is just you.. It’s where you’re coming from..

Now people, & their comments are a reflection of you.. Or a “you” through others’ eyes..

I gotta say, you are a very supportive sister.. You’re there, just like you’ve said..

Love you fiLlah ❤

And I pray Allah would bless your life with Z & grant you an everlasting sakeenah.. Amen 🙂


Well , i must say it’s well deserved, u r really very sweet and kind.

You are a Kind blogger……….probably the kindest i know!

But i could have told you that before you got that award for kind blogger 🙂

Aww thats fab. You deserve it 🙂

Waw, Congrats. Awesome gift you recieved, kind blogger 🙂

You’re so sweet 🙂 you definately deserve such a batch! 🙂
Congrats sweety..
Keep on hearing good news all your life..

And oh yeah, its nice knowing you too..I’m glad that you started blogging for how else we could have met each other…blogging gave me many special friends too..so I know how you feel 🙂

Asalaamu alikum wa rahmatullah,

Very good of you to share this with you reader. Dont be sad would like to thank you and say jazak’allah khair for taking the time to contribute to the Random acts of kindness project. The credit is to you and you only, I was just a means to reach the people. The badge was to encourage others.

For the opportunity to become Kind bloggers, your readers are kindly invited to make share their acts of kindness.

Once again, jazak’allah khair

Wa salaamu alikum wa rahmatullah,

Dont be sad

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and appreciation. It really means a LOT to me.
And lastly, Thank you so much Donebesad, I am truly honoured.

May Allah bless you all with health, wealth and happiness. Ameen

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