” I am on the Top of World “

Posted on: Friday, February 29, 2008

I havent been blogging since days for i was caught up with some personal problems, My Love -Z was not feeling well, He worried me a lot, but now he is fine alhamdulillah, and i cannot thank Allah enough for that.

Today, as soon as i got sometime for myself, I sat down to write a post on my page. The last last weekend i was in Toronto and visited the Worlds Largest Tower- CN Tower (553.33m), I wasn’t fascinated by it when i saw it from my car window while we were driving around Downtown Toronto,neither was i enthusiastic to see it. But Z was very keen on seeing it from inside and wanted to be on the ‘Top of the World’ …. !!!!

My Hubby has a very strange habit of not telling me where we are going, He believes in surprising me always. I dint knew till the moment we parked our car and stood before CN Tower that today we are gonna be on the Top … πŸ™‚ . But wait, there was an another surprise waiting for me there, He bought tickets for the Motion theatre ride ‘Himalamazon’ about which i was absolutely scared till death. But, it was a very boring and silly ride, where we had to be seated in a room with a theatre screen before it. We were a log of a tree, to experience its journey through water/sea after been cut to where it is lumbered ,with special effects – like feeling the wind and water on our face.
A piece of advice from me – If anyone is planning to visit CN Tower then please DO NOT SIT ON THIS RIDE. Its a complete waste of money and time……. 😦

Located at a height of 342 m (1,122 ft) there is a Glass Floor and Outdoor Observation Deck. I loved this part, as i ain’t afraid of heights. I felt a little dizzy to look down under your feet, (which was the transparent glass floor) whereΒ i could see the bottom of the tower, but Z hold my hands from where i took courage to move my feet ahead. Poeple were going crazy there, lying on the floor and taking snaps. I wont dirty my clothes such a way ….. !!!!

Well, that’s not it, Sky-pod, the worlds largest Highest Public Observation deck is located at a height of 447m, The view from there at the night time was very beautiful, with lights all around. There’s an another feature which unfortunately iΒ could not see, There’s a restaurant named ‘360’ which rotates 360 degrees every 72 minutes ….. Amazing,Isn’t it ???

It was fun, I enjoyed a lot and took a lot of snaps …. :-). Anyone who’s been there ? What are your views on it ? Did you enjoy just the same as i did ?


15 Responses to "” I am on the Top of World “"

I am totally with you on this one……….I want to go…and I am waiting to hear from those that have been and those who want to tak e me………he he he

Sounds like a lot of fun and a great surprize. Thanks for commenting on my blog; I’ve written a reply.

Somehow CN Tower did not attract me for quite a long time but then couple of years back I went there and liked it…specially the looking down from the glass floor and the City view from the top floor…though I think it would have been better in the fall. I would love to rappel down the tower but they won’t let me do it πŸ˜€ .
O yea, surprisingly I liked the ride too. πŸ™‚

I even was not in Canada! lol
But i heard about this CN tower..

Ah and Top of the world is Everest, indead πŸ˜›

wow you had so much fun , I iwhs I was their need to go out my sel! maryam dont be scared just be couragouse and have fun πŸ˜€ you should have goton your clothes dirty !

wow it looks amazing! and that was such a cute thing for your husband to do:)

Surprises are good, no? They take you to a different world … (ignore my dreaminess ;-))

and wow I never wanted to even visit canada and by looking at this pic – I want to give it a shot πŸ˜€

To take a snap once I lied down on a wet lawn grass 😐 & Is Your hubby well now?

Sounds good, must have been amazing, havent been to Canada, so no idea, and also am too scared of heights, though I saw the KL Tower in Malaysia , but didnt go, could just see it from our hotel window, the structure was nice and very islamic and I think its 421 or 425 meters tall.

So you have finished ”Gone with the wind” and due to lack of time I can just few pages daily:-(

I have a fear of heights. Even being in the London Eye made my head spin 😦

Oh wow! super cool!!
I want to go there too..I love travelling and I hope one day I’ll see this tower too and be on the top of world πŸ™‚

TheAngryMuslimah …….. You sure will one day inshallah, Till then keep your bags ready …. πŸ˜‰

Cordieb …… Welcome to my blog. It surely was.

Zios …… Same case as mine, Dint like it before- Liked it after i saw it … πŸ™‚
Yes, Even i believe it would have been great to look down from the glass floor in either spring or fall. Gosh ! Do you really wanna rappel down ? Alright then, Did you know – When there is a will, there’s a way. You have a will, find your way …. πŸ˜‰
You really enjoyed/liked the ride ? Are you kidding me ???

Shahrzad …… You should sometime visit Canada and visit places like Rogers Centre, CN Tower, Niagara Falls. They are simply beautiful places.
Err …… Yes it is (Top of the world = Everest)

Amal …… Yes, It was fun. You think so ? I am such a cleanliness freak, I would get my clothes dirty in million light years …… πŸ™‚

Hema ….. Yeah, It was a cute thing to do, But C’mmon not always surprises Please.

a s m a …… So, When are you coming to the beautiful Canada ? I would advise you to prefer either spring or fall, The view would be amazing then.
So kind of you to ask sweety, Yes, He is fine now alhamdulillah.

Fatima ….. You could have given it a try and seen KLTower sweety, You must have loved that experience. Anyway, IT Isnt too late, think of visiting either of them again sometime…. πŸ™‚

Aashely …. I have finished it in 5 days, keeping in mind i was SUPER busy those days. Dont worry, You will finish it…. πŸ˜‰

Sumera ….. O Dear, My sister is afraid of heights too, She complains that her stomach experiences free-fall everytime she is at a height.

Lubna ….. Yes, You will inshallah.

May Allah bless you all.Ameen

I go to the CN Tower for free every summer with the school I teach at so it’s nice to read about your first visit there from the perspective of someone who’s never been (and yup that motion ride is incredibly boring) πŸ˜€

Nice blog! This is my first click here and I was just scrolling down reading randomly and came upon a picture of lovely Toronto – and I’m heading there in a few hours! (of course I only live 20 minutes away :D)

I enjoyed my visit there Liya, but as even you said, the ride irritated me a lot, I was watching at people enjoying there as if they were INSANE … !!!

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