Planet Earth

Posted on: Monday, February 25, 2008

I have been trying all along to get hold of a Blu-Ray DVD of Planet Earth, If in case you havent heard of what it is, Let me give you a small insight of it. It is a documentary series with 11 chapters about the beautiful world Allah has created which i suppose we all should see to really appreciate and admire HIS creations. It was actually started last year on BBC Channel and Discovery Channel , i guess. It became such a huge hit and success that its DVD’s and CD’s are widely available in market, Not to mention at a good BIG price. The narration by David Attenborough is the icing on the cake.Β  Its tagline – Prepare to see it as never before fully justifies the series which is beautifully shot and narrated.

I have no interest in Nature, whatsoever. For some reason i cannot stick on to Discover channel or Animal Planet for more than 10 mins, I know, I know, thats wrong, But thats who i am …. !!!!. But Planet Earth changed my complete outlook. I found myself staring at the TV with my huge eyes. It has 11 chapters namely: Mountains, Deserts, Great Plains, Shallow seas, Fresh water, Ocean Deep, Seasonal forests, Jungles, From Pole to Pole, Ice worlds and The underworld of mostly unexplored caves. I have till now watched Shallow seas, Jungles and From Pole to pole and cannot wait to watch the remaining chapters. Watching those clips, the wonders which i seldom knew existed, makes me always admire Allah’s world and the beauty he filed it with. Mashallah, How Glorified is Allah and so beautiful are HIS creations.

If we Humans think, we alone face the anxiety of making our ends meet, taking care of our babies in this cruel world, making our life-cycles run on thier pace then THINK AGAIN. There is a big world out there sharing the same feeling and complexities as we, the difference remaining we can speak and express and they cannot. I have seen so many birds and animals, which i swear i never saw, never thought they existed, Some were too beautiful to be real while some were too dramatic to exist … !!!!
The clips and shots which they have, i bet is what nobody has ever seen or witnessed. There is a clip in which a HUGE flock of birds were migrating as per their seasonal routines, which left me dumb-folded. I wouldnt wanna say more and ruin your surprise but It was so huge and almost covered the whole sky, How much i wanted to believe that it isnt true and is a camera trick, but It simply wasnt. It was such a lovely scene just as many others captured by the Discovery team.

I immensely Thank Allah for giving me an oppurtunity to see HIS wonders and I praise HIS creations dearly.
What do you think guys ??


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I watched the episode about ocean life the other day, the weird creatures that exist in the deepest depths of the ocean are amazing.
The ‘Life in Cold Blood’ series has also been fantastic, been watching it on BBC iPlayer.

It’s strange how some people can watch these programmes and see the signs of Allah, the beauty of His creation, and other people have their atheism confirmed (like Attenborough).

As Salaamu ALaikum Sis:

Yes, this is a MUST see. I saw the documenatry that stated how long it took to go around the world to capture all of these special scenes.
Truly amazing

Thanks Maryam…I have seen the ad but not the complete one. I will try to get hold of it. It is really amazing what our earth possesses and it blows off our mind when we realize that we are talking about only a very small planet in the tail of a small galaxy. What about the whole universe that Allah has created..no words except SubhanAllah!
check this

oooh, that looks like something i’d want to catch, and soon πŸ™‚ let you know what i think.
i went scuba diving once and omg, it reaffirmed my faith on such a grand scale, subhanAllah.
and yeah, i’m back. hyd was hot! my first trip there and i loved the vibrancy of the city – is that where you’re from?

I love Planet Earth too, Really makes me always wonder about the beautiful creations of Allah, and lets me come to know about things i never knew they existed..

I love this kind of thing, MashaAllah.

that actually sounds very interesting…I think we could use a copy of that…

Oh , I love these kind of programs, i can watch animal planet or discovery or national geographic for hours, but unfortunately frm months n months together havent had the time to watch any of it, I liked the ways you wrote the post.:)

Oh , I love these kind of programs, i can watch animal planet or discovery or national geographic for hours, but unfortunately frm months n months together havent had the time to watch any of it, I liked the way you wrote the post.:)

Asalaamu alikum wa rahmatullah,

I would agree with you Maryam, this series left me dumb founded. Not having time for television, someone recommended that is was something worth getting hold of. Looking at the creation, pondering and reflecting helps us gain perspective and know the creator. This is one of the reasons behind the design at Dont be sad.

@BM- I though of the video you have posted concerning beauty by Abdul Hakim Murad- it certainly address your point. Surely we are all in need of guidance.

This is indeed one way to see the creation, but one must really go out and expiorence it in the flesh. Really.

Jazak’allah khair for sharing.

Dont be sad

BM …… I have seen that chapter too, And all i could say was – What a beautiful and BIG world Allah has made …. !!!
I agree with you BM, For i have never heard the narrattor (Attenborough) mention the name of Lord anywhere while describing te beautiful world out here, Hypocrites I guess .

Ummabdurrahman …….. I am glad even you think its a must-see. Have you watched it yet ?

Zios …. Yeah, You are right. I have visited the link. Its ruly amazing. Really …. !!!!

Mona …… Yup ! I shall be waiting to get your opinion.
Scuba diving ??? Isnt that what we all dream of doing once in our lifetime ???
Yes, Thats where i am exactly from …….. πŸ™‚

Mona …… True .

Mona …… You do ? Even i do, then you will most certainly love watching it.

UTP …….. It definitely is a very intresting thing, Try to get a copy and watch it …… πŸ™‚

Fatima ….. Thank you for those sweet words, I truly hope that you could steal some time from your daily life and try to watch this documentary, Its simply beautiful.

…… Thanks for your lovely comment, I truly enjoy visiting your blog and Its good to know what your design of the blog is based on, Good cause Mashallah.

May Alah bless you all. Ameen

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