Dear Super-Heroes,

Posted on: Friday, February 15, 2008

This is my letter to the so called Super-Heroes, whom i am just not able to tolerate anymore ……. 😦 . I was never into them. I dont recall any moment when i watched any Super-Heroe movie with keen interest. I guess i believe a lot in a saying which goes – ‘No Super-Hero comes in real life to save us, Hence, save yourselves’ ….. 🙂

 My Husband Z is totally in love with a super-hero which often makes  me go crazy,I mean C’mmon, they aint really there to save anybody …….. !!!!!

He is absolutely Crazy about the great Spider-man, It isnt that he loves him by seeing the movie, His story goes way back. As a chid he enjoyed reading comic books and specially the Spider-man ones. When the movie was announced and released he was totally at awe, It was a Fantasy-come-true for him. Wonder if he felt the same or something more seeing me ………….. <SIGH>

I dont say that i Hate watching Spider-man movies, but i dont love them either. Z is so fascinated by those movies that he names himself as ‘Spidey’ in various forums and movie blogs…..!!!. Yes Guys, I aint lying.

And just when i thought i had enough, An another super-hero movie was born again ‘The Dark Knight’. He doesnt like Batman but the character of Joker played by Heath Ledger, I was so sorry to hear about his surprising death. The character is not what he is looking forward to, He thinks that nobody would have made that character more alive than Heath, and his acting is what he is totally in love with.He claims that Heath’s acting/performance forced him to like that character more than The Dark Knight itself …… !!!!. (There isnt any allegation for liking a negative role inspite of there been a Hero, Right ??? )

 We had a special screeing here in Canada of 5 mins, before the trailer was released. Would you believe if i say that we went to see that, which was unfortunately on the other end of the place we live in ???? So much for super-heroes and their stunts …. !!!!

 Coming back to my letter, Can you (SUPER-HEROES) please leave my hubby alone, as i dont plan to share him with you all anymore. Please go and find someother man to be crazy about you, for Z will and should be crazy about me only, Am i clear to you ……… ????



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[…] Maryam wrote an interesting post today on Dear Super-Heroes,Here’s a quick excerptHe doesnt like Batman but the character of Joker played by Heath Ledger, I was so sorry to hear about his surprising death. The character is not what he is looking forward to, He thinks that nobody would have made that character more … […]

Maryam, Be the hero. Just buy a spidey outfit! I’m sure it will be appreciated!;)

I was never in Super Heroes myself. Was never interested in them. Sure, I watched the cartoons and all… but I preferred the fantasy like ones. It made me dreams. Super Heroes just saved people who were in danger or anything but the ones I watched (and still do) show the true slice of life. Yes, there are fairies, monsters but there are also feeling and emotions.

heheh…its amazing how much money spider-man 3 still made…which means people still like watching super hero movies….I personally like more real and close to life movies….

I dont know where my comment went …anyway….what I said was that Spiderman 3 made a lot of money…so there are obviously enought people who still like unreal superheros jumping from building to building…

personally I am more into close to real life movies…

🙂 I liked Mona’s comment , I think its a good idea.

You should be glad it’s spiderman and not Xena, the warrior princess. ^_^

Girls want to be saved by super heroes…so guys are kinda pushed to idealize and be like them. In real life they can not be super heroes ( as it hurts to be one 😀 ) so they watch their movies and imagine themselves on the screen. He becomes ‘spiderman’ to save you ‘ Mary Jane’ 🙂 . Make him realize that he IS superhero better than any on the screen…and you will see the results. Money back guarantee! 😛

I can understand your anoyance living with someone who prefer to live in a movie of super heroes and fantasy. I enjoy super heroes myself but to an extent but it is a matter of personal taste.


[…] Wife Of A Super Hero Fan February 17th, 2008 by admin For all of us super heroes fan out there here is a letter from the wife of a super heroes fan asking all the super heroes to free her husband to admire her […]

Hmm… I used to feel the same way about my hubby and football… but I’m learning to let go now. Every guy needs something to hold on to.

That being said, I agree it’s time you went shopping for a spiderman outfit, hehehe… 🙂

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Mona …… I am glad you wanted to help me but I am not sure whether i would wanna buy an outfit in order to make him admire me and only me …… 🙂
I want to lessen his madness, buyng an outfit wouldnt help me lessen it, Will it ?

bbZuSh …… I dont remember myself indulging so much in any of fairy or hero movies,cartoons at any time of my life. I am glad you werent too ……… 🙂 . I did like watching them when i was a kid, but Hey ! Within limits ……!!!!

UTP ……. Your comment was awaiting moderation, as you are new to my blog. Welcome to my blog by the by.
I was pretty surprised to see the figures Spider-man earned, People do still live in fake and fantasy world i guess. I prefer real-life or atleast closer-to-life movies too.

Fatima ………… You think so, I dont suppose that wouldnt help me sweety …… !!!!

Hina ……… 🙂 Oh yes, I am absolutely glad it isnt Xena or Elektra either….. !!!!

Zios …….. I liked your advice the most, Surely i would wanna give it a try too. Thanks a lot.

Cupbeans …. Thank you, Having said that, I truly appreciate your effort to awaken everyone about not indulging themselves so much into their fantasies of Super-heroes through your post on your blog.

Bubbles ….. Welcome to my blog. I understand than even should let go a bit, I do listen to his talks about HIM many times, but sometimes, my patience just runs off …… !!!!!

Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Sis,

It’s a boy thing (never leaves once they become men). hehe. I hated having to watch power rangers,spiderman, batman, and the whole lot of it with my little brother.

I cannot agree more with you Umm Yusuf ………. 🙂

Last weekend me and my Bro-in law had to sneek away from our wives to go watch the new Rambo film, even though we knew the film was going to be pants, we HAD to watch it. Dark Knight looks awesome.

Female super heroines were generally pretty lame (Catwoman/Supergirl) so women don’t tend to have the same infatuation guys have over super heroes.

Visiting your blog through the Don’t be Sad network.

its maybe because fantasy world is more enchanting than the real one , dreams are more enticing than being awake

~i dream a dream of a reality
to sleep forever i want to be ~

Cool website with very good articles.

Greetings from Germany

BM … The problem isnt this that I am nuts over people who are crazy about only super-heroes and not super female characters. My point is I find people crazy about any imaginary figure, totally Insane. I just dont seem to understand their so-called-love for them …. !!!

mE …. Is it ? For me, I prefer to live in a real world atleast .. 🙂

Leonidas … Thank you for your lovely words.
Greetings from Ontario too … 🙂

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