A Ray of Hope

Posted on: Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Still do the stars impart their Lights

To those who travel in the night.

Isnt it a beautiful line ? You maybe wondering why on earth am i writing this ….. !!! Well, Actually i am going through a rough phase of my life and am trying with all my might to hang on with my faith in Allah, and am searching everywhere for a little Ray of Hope. That makes me wonder, Did i take some time out and thank Allah whenever i was happy ? Did i then pray before Allah with the same dedication and need as now ? Did i ask forgiveness for my sins before now,specially when i was busy with my happiness ? Maybe Not ……… So, Everyone here reading my post, Please keep in mind to Remember Allah even in your happy and good times and not just in bad times.

Yallah Madat. AMEEN.


10 Responses to "A Ray of Hope"

Hey sweet sister,
I fervently hope that you don’t think you are being punished for not thanking enough. Sometimes hardtimes comes on you to make you stronger and better person. The best thing about hardtimes is that it makes to you closer to Allah 🙂 cherish that 🙂
And donja worry, happy times are just around the corner so keep on hanging on the Ray of Hope.

hope you feel better soon sweetie xx

”Nay,Verily!With me is my Lord,He will guide me”
Therefore do not be despair,it is impossible for things to remian same….

Dont worry, Maryam , this is just a passing phase and will soon get over, Allah knows whats best for each of us, this will InshAllah make you an even more stronger person. All the best, Take Care. And ya we should not forget to thank Allah for everything in good and difficult times both.

Yes..it is very nice line :-).
Girl, I am sure you know, better than many, how to deal with difficult phases. Let your faith take you out of these difficult times , inshAllah! 🙂

May allah make this better inshallah ameen , the more you thank allah the more he gives you just remember that

Lubna ……… Thank you for your encouraging words, I really appreciate that a lot.
I do hope that happy times are around the corner for me, for need them the most now….. 🙂

Hema …… Thank you for your concern. I hope so too.

Fatima …… I dont wanna worry too, but looks like it my mind and heart isnt listening to me anymore. May Allah guide me as well as everyone here.

Zios … Ameen.
P.S: What makes you feel that i know better than many how to deal with difficlt phases ?
Frankly speaking, I am a very strong girl but emotions canot be controlled for a longer time, i guess.

Amal …. I will remember that Amal, afterall Allah is my ONLY and Last Hope.

May Allah bless you all, Ameen.

I hope and pray that things get better. There are times that hope is all that we got. May be that is all that we require for redemption.

Our beloved Sayyid An Nabi Muhammad (saaws) said: “When Allah wants good for a person, he tries them.” {Bukhaari}

Sometimes the ray of hope is in front of us, yet we don’t see it due to our own heedlessness; atleast I know that is true for me. Or maybe sometimes it is our love for Allah that is lacking, and spiritual reformation begins by seeking His help withinin perserverance and prayer.

The heart should be a mirror for Allah!

Jahandost ….. Thanks a lot sweety.

Abul Layth ……. Your words are very true, Maybe i aint seeing it, There maybe a door opened before me. All i have to do is ask Allah to show that to me.

Bless you All.

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