The Things We Do For Love

Posted on: Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Now, Isnt that a lovely title, I absolutely love it. I am pretty sure many of you here agree with me on it, Dont you ???

Coming back to the original thought, Today I am gonna write about a book ‘The Things We Do For Love’ by Kristin Hannah. This Book celebrates the Magic of Motherhood, The quest for love and the price we always so willingly pay for Love.

The Story revolves around Angela DeSaria Malone , who has everything in life, except experiencing Motherhood. Under the Burden of which her Marriage fails and stumbles. After her Divorce, she moves to her Home-Town and starts a new life, where Life opens up to her to reveal a new love in her life and a Girl (Lauren) who changes the life of Angela forever. The story basically is about two women,both in relationships overburdened by their individual dilemma’s. About how life makes them meet each other and quench each others thirst for Love.

My Fav Line from this Book is -‘Things do not change, We change’. Since the time i started reading this book, I was captured by its beauty and words. I havent read any book as captivating and as beautiful as this. I was totally drawn in the book, Thats the power of beautiful writing. I could easily laugh and cry along with the emotions woven so carefully and so abstract. I would cherish this story forever, for this book certainly deserves it.Hannah writes with spirit and sympathy to create a novel that is rich in detail and characters who are courageous and believable. THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE is an excellent story about the obstacles in life, the strength of love, and the beauty of hope.

Without revealing much of the story, I would wanna ask you all to take sometime out of your busy lives and give this book a read, You wouldnt regret it atall. You will witness the aura of this book and will be easily flown away into the book. You would feel like you are actually seeing it happening instead of reading it. What a wonderful story, and what a creative way to present it. I am toally impressed and i bet you would be too.


14 Responses to "The Things We Do For Love"

Read this book? All women of the world should visit my blog for guidance! 😛 😀

OK., next book that i read will be this one. 🙂

what a wishful thinking Mr. stinger has….
Anyhow nice description of book rather you ev created temptation to have it…

hhhmmmm sounds interesting….
well i’ll see if i could get a hold of this book…..
insallah will read it

btw thax for stopping by n commenting
keep visiting

That book sounds really interesting. I wish we had a Barnes & Noble in Egypt!

Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Good book review sister, I will try to get this bk and read it!

Jazakillah khairan…


oh merri jan , if you like that style of writing then you will defitntly like my taste , have you heard of paulo coehlo , I love deep writing , a good read is that which makes you move inside and you will not want to put it down because you want the magic to go on . I will defitntly read it inshallah . Highly recommend to you Brandon bays books you woul really like it , if you like that style you will like this style .

hey, salaam!
thanks for your comment on my blog.
the book you’ve reviewd sounds interesting, only i barely have any time to read anymore.

Whaatttt? People are still hung up on some random book? 😛

Stinger …. Nowhere did i ask anybody to read this book for guidance.And even if someone would need guidance, I am sure you would simply be the last person to bother …… 😀

Fatima ….. I appreciate that, You would love the book. Do tell me your reviews after you read the book.

Aashley …… Thanks. So, You gonna read the book ?

Khawab …… The book is definitely very intresting. I hope you would get that book from somewhere … 🙂

Mona … Yeah, It is. Whats Barnes and Noble ? I am sorry, Dint get that….. 😦

Adikbongsu ….. Thank you

…. I am sure i will, I will try to get hold of his books Inshallah.

Mona …. I understand, Its difficult to spare time out to read a whole book specially when we are so busy with our family and kids.

As Salaamu Alaikum:

Hmmm, intersting book. Are you finished with it yet? I will try and get it.


Ummabdurrahman …. Yes, I have finished reading it.
I hope you would get that book …….. 🙂
You will enjoy it, I am sure.

I’m not sure whether this book will be available in Pakistan though this one sounds good. Now a days I’m craving for something light romantic comedy that won’t demand too much thinking. Nice girlish book. But so far no luck 😦

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