Hadith on Invocations and Supplications

Posted on: Thursday, January 17, 2008

Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Prophet S.A.S said, : “Whoever wants Allah to respond to his supplications at the time of his calamities should engage in frequent supplications during the time of his happiness.

Ubadah bin Samit reported: The Prophet S.A.S said, “Whenever a believer supplicates, Allah grants his supplication, averts some evil of the (same) kind or keeps its reward for the Day of Judgement – so long as he does not ask for something sinful or something that cuts off the bonds of kinship.” Upon hearing that, someone vowed, “Then we will supplicate plenty” whereupon the Prophet S.A.S added “Allah is more plentiful in responding.”

Abu Hurayrah reported that the prophet S.A.S said, “Allah does not refuse the supplications of the following three people ;Β a fasting man at the time of breaking fast, a just ruler and an oppressed person.”

Ibn Abbas narrated that the prophet S.A.S said, ‘Five invocations are responded to: The invocation of an oppressed person until he takes revenge, The invocation of a pilgrim until he return home, The invocations of a warrior in the cause of Allah until he stops fighting, The invocation of a sick person until he recovers, The invocation of a person for his brother when the latter is absent.

Abu Dawud reported that the prophet S.A.S said, “Whenever a Muslim supplicates on behalf of his Muslim brother in his absence, an angel repeats ‘ May you also have the same’.

Abu Hurayrah narrated , Once the Prophet S.A.S stated: ” The supplications of a servant of Allah continue to be granted as long as he does not supplicate for something sinful or for something that will cut off the ties of kinship, and as long as he is not in a hurry when supplicating (i.e impatient). When someone asked,’ What would constitute being in hurry?’ He answered, ‘ Its when a supplicant says ‘ I have prayed and prayed, and my supplication has not been granted,’ and growing impatient, he gives up praying.”



12 Responses to "Hadith on Invocations and Supplications"

Maryam my favourite thing about islam is supplicating even if Allah does not answer the supplication , supplication brings me great peace . Never give up Allah wants you to keep asking him . After struggle their is ease . The after ease makes the struggle all the more worth it .

Mash’Allah sis, I really beneitted from reading this post today.
After every hardship there comes ease.
Life is a test as Islam is a way of life. We have heavy and lighter moments in life but whatever our situations may be we put our trust in Allah and accept His qadr.

Jazak ALlahu Khair sis

Subhan allah ~ thanks for sharing from so many rawaya’s πŸ™‚

I have been a kind of a person who remained imaptient to get answer of my prayers as early as possible.At times,I made my realtionship with Allah totally commercial based,realize HIM about prayers that why HE didnt listen me..extreme restless in this regard but never give up prayers and supplications make it more than worth….

Supplication is at its best when it comes out naturally. A planned supplication is a very strange idea to me.

Thankyou Maryam!…very nice!

β€œAllah is more plentiful in responding.” πŸ™‚


I like the colors on your blog.


Amal ……. Supplication does brings us very closer to Allah, There may be times when our prayers are not answered, and there lies our real test. We should keep our faith strong and keep on asking him.

Ummabdurraahman ……….. Thank you. I am glad my post benifitted you in some way.
Arent they cute colours.??? I plan on changing them every two weeks, I like the bring constant changes wherever and whenever i can …… πŸ™‚

Asma ……… You are welcome.

Aashley … So was I, Actually i wouldnt say I was like that, I am still like that ………. 😦 . I am working on it, May Allah help us all improve ourselves.Ameen.

Stinger ………. Supplication is certainly at its best when it comes out naturally. Nobody plans a supplication ,I guess. Even if somebody does, It isnt harmful atall.

Fatima ……… Thank you.

Zios ….. You are welcome, Yeah, Allah certainly is.

** May Allah Bless everyone **

Maryam update your blog ! πŸ™‚

Benevolence, I dont know what you are saying. Are you asking me to write a new post, ? If yes, then I already did a few days ago. Wonder why isnt it showing you ??
Write me again if you dont see it, Okay ?

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