A Tribute

Posted on: Friday, December 28, 2007

  You all must have known till know about the Assasination of Benazir Bhutto.

 I felt very sad hearing such a thing. Benazir was the only woman in pakistan who dared to speak her mind, inspite of the obstacles she faced. Is this really what happens in a male dominating world ? A woman who dares to speak and whose ambition knew no bounds is made silent forever ? Is this what we call ‘Justice’ ? I dont know about the world, but i would call it a ‘Cowardly Act’.

Its a shame really that she is no more among us. Seeing the death of her father and her brothers noone would be surprised she is shot dead too. Though i dont know what kind of person she really was, but i do know what changes she could have brought in Pakistan. Democracy would have been introduced in pakistan after a very long time.

Well …………. Whoever reads this post of mine, Please pray in your hearts for her. May Allah grant her Jannat-e-Firdous, Ameen.


10 Responses to "A Tribute"

The forces of evil are continually at war with the forces of (good) nature(d) . . .

There are no clear cut winners as of yet, that’s why we continue to offer sacrifices along the way . . .

Peace in 2008!!!

Happy New Year!

As Salaamu Alaikum Sis:

Peace to you in and family throughout 2008.


Asalam alaykum , Maryam Im not sure wether were allowed to pray for her , because Im not sure wether she was a muslim . I heard she had a lot of corruption cases on held against her ( including her husband ) . Not mention her ideas on wanting to give America freedom in her country . Allahu alim who has benefited from her death , I heard the person that killed her shot himself dead . I’m saddened at the way she died , no preperations what so ever I wonder if she ever knew she was going to die that day .

Maryam, Benazir was a brilliant woman with great leadership qualities. Like every person in this country I am sorry that she was killed brutally. But the fact remains that though she was brilliant and all but she did very little for this country when she was in power and failed to deliver her promises…

I hope her soul rest in peace but I wouldn’t exactly regard her as a hero or sort of Godess that people now a days so vigilently doing..

lubna thank you ! perfectly said , ‘the most eloquent in speech can often be hypocrites’ , now how often do we see those ?


She might have failed as a PM but then which popular leader was allowed to succeed. Politicians are corrupted we all know that but why the courts were unable to prove evena single case against her or her infamous hubbie. he spended about 8 years behind the bars on charges that are yet tobe proven.

She was a hero for some n just another politician for the rest. this is what we call democracy, aint it?

Its one of those things where its hand to say where the blank and white lies…..

Thanks everyone …………………… 🙂

Well, thts true, her assasination came as a shock , and i guess its really sad, i dunno whether she was a good human being or a good muslim( thts for Allah to decide) but its really sad, May her soul rest in peace.

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