Posted on: Thursday, November 8, 2007

Are you suprised by the Title of my post today ? Well, Dont be. You got me right, I am going to write about knitting today.


I have a memory that i used to knit when i was a small kid, dont remember the right age too. I used to look at a knitted piece with awe, and wondered how beautiful a cloth is made out of a mere strand of wool ….. !!!!!.Can i make it too ??? That was enough motivation for a small kid (thats me), hence i started to knit with the help of my mother. It wasnt very easy as i used to get easily hurt by the pointed needles and made a lot of mistakes. My mother was very patient with me though ………………. 🙂

As i grew, i got caught in different complicated webs of life, My studies (my schedule was very hectic, i used to spend only 7-8 hours at home = sleep time) and stuff and really forgot about wool,needles and knitting. Some days back while i was surfing the net i came across a knitted scarf and my heart went out for it, It was so beautiful. The very next moment, a thought crossed my mind – Why not, Let me try again. I got up and started searching stores here where i can find the equipment (yup, thats what i call it) . Everything went in vain, Then i got an idea. I posted a question on Yahoo Answers, I tell you its the best place to find answers for almost anything. It saved me a lot of time many times earlier and it did the same this time too. Am i sounding as if i am promoting Yahoo Answers ????


 Well, I got the names of stores, for your knowledge they are – Micheals and Wall-Mart, I advice Micheals, Its a world of YARN out there. I bought the needles and the yarn and started knitting. …. 🙂 I actually did not start knitting, I practiced a bit. Once i started my hand got into the rhythm and i picked up a good speed. I started with basic knit and purl stiches and now know a wide variety of stiches.

I knitted a dishcloth,(it turned out well) and now am planning to knit a scarf for myself inshallah. I will be posting different patterns and stiches in my near future posts. So, anybody out there who loves knitting like i do ?????

Happy Knitting


12 Responses to "Knitting"

Well thts one thing that i cant do stitchin and knittin , the only time i hv dne is , tht in my school in my arts n crafts classes and after tht never even bothered to try, but anywayz Happy Knitting to u, and do post the pic of yr scraf once its ready.

I have remebered that my mother has knitted worth pieces and I also practised preliminary steps of it and made a doll’s scarf with my mother’s help.Knitting and embriodry both need passions till craetion come up and you may proudly admire your effort but now fast track life doesnt let us to enjoy,exhibit and enhance such skills..just go for ready made stuff….

YAYYYYYY a knitting post 😀 Okay I’m gonna have to learn from you! that pink yarn looks so darn cute!!! xxxx

As Salaamu Aalaikum:

I totally understand what it means to have to change your schedule due to work load which then limits your hobbies. I never learned how to knit but stitching was an all time favorite of mine and I don’t do it as much but I hope to return to this someday.
Anyway, do post your knitting pictures and I hope to get some inspiration from you.

Happy knitting to you,


maryam I love knitting ! I learned knitting as well just the basic principle , then later on I am intrested in crochet which I think is so cool , making those funky cardigans . I just dont have time to knit , so why your free do it , I say go for it , once you learn it , your fingers get used to it , and you get fast at it .

Good girl!…another way to show your creativity…good work 🙂

Oh wow sounds great.

My mom was so good at knitting, I tried many times but couldn’t go beyond basic knit. You can maybe then try the magazines with detailed knitting overviews of designs like after 4 boxes do this and blah blah 🙂

Your post feels like home =)

Alhamdulillah Maryam, keep it us sister 🙂

I remember knitting at primary school, not very good at it 😛

Fatima .. I do plan to post the pattern as well as the picture of the scarf as soon as i finish it.

Aashely …. I do agree with you that knitting needs a lot of love and patience, but one look at the finished work makes it all worth for me … 🙂

Unique… Welcome to my blog.Yeah …. Pink is my fav colour, hence chose it.

Umabdurrahmaan ….. I do think my pics and patterns are gonna inspire you. Just as one pic inspired me …. !!!!

Amal …… I like crocheting too, I dont know much about that though. Yes, I plan to knit a lot till i have got some free time to give….. Dont know after that when will i meet it again ???

Zios ….. Thanks

Asma ….. Good to hear that, Knitting is very easy, If you would give it an another try, you will learn it rather fast.

Adikbongsu ……… Thanks.
P.S – What does your name mean ???

Azza05 ………. Really, You did ..???

As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister Maryam,

Masha’Allah! It so nice to meet others who knit 🙂 I hope you have a blast. Look forward to seeing the final product!

And maybe if you get some free time, you can make a scarf for someone on the streets. Check out my side for details.

Lovely blog, masha’Allah.. insha’Allah I shall stop by more often.

Wa’alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

I will certainly try,inshallah.

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