Me, Tagged by Amal …………. !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yup, As the Title says, I am tagged by Amal to write about Dangerous books. When Amal tagged me, I dint understand what been tagged actually meant,(Please understand, I was a newbie in the blogging world and wasnt familiar with every term) ………………. 🙂 . My dear friend Amal helped me understand it in a better way and here comes my appreciation and Thanks , Amal.


Total Number of Books:

I don’t really remember that ,Its not that I don’t have a strong memory but its like I have lost my count …….. 🙂 . Since I came here I think I have read atleast 100 books (Can be more or even less) which includes novels as well as Islamic books.

Last Book I Bought :

Now that’s a question ……. !!!!!!! I haven’t bought any book till date …… 🙂 . I borrow books from library and regarding islamic books, I have many of them already present in my home, thanks to my Parents. So all in all I don’t Buy books.

Last Book I Read :

The Last book i read was ‘Dedication’ by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus.
NOTE : Please do not read this book ever, This is the most crappiest book i have ever read till date. Sheer waste of time ……. Dont know what were the authors thinking while writing such a story…. !!!!!!

Meaningful books I Read :

1. Our holy book – Quran with Translation, I am sure everyone agrees with me on this,isn’t it ? It is/was the most beautiful and meaningful book I have ever read till date. I at times wonderwhat a book Quran really is – It covers all the aspects of our lives , It holds information of almost everything in it.

2. The Sealed Nectar – I haven’t read it completely though, but I love this book. It showcases the entire life of our Prophet Muhammad S.A.S, and gives us an idea of the era he lived in too.Its an biography of our Prophet S.A.S by

3. Fortress of The Muslim – Here is an another book which I suggest every Muslim to buy and have it. This is a book which everyone should own. This book has a huge collection of duas that are to be recited in our daily life,includes the duas read in Namaz too.

You may now say why have i mentioned only Islamic books in Meaningful Books section. Well, The reason is this that i dont feel there is any other book Meaningful other than the books describing our religion Islam. 

What are your favourite books readers ?


6 Responses to "Me, Tagged by Amal …………. !!!!!!!!!!!!"

I know what you I have also read books and thought what on earth was the author thinking ?

fortress of the muslim is a must for any muslim !
I carry that dua book everywhere I go . I recite certain duas from their almost daily .

As Salaamu ALaikum Sis:

I am currently reading “Don’t Be Sad.” I highly recommend it of course after Quran and Hadith. Here is the link to it online:

Enjoy: http://www.adly.net/library/Dont-Be-Sad.pdf


Amal ….. I bet you understand what i felt while reading the Most crappiest book ever … !!!!!

Blanca …. Thanks, Will see what it is,inshallah.Infact i am giving it a try right now.

I can see you’re a great book reader 🙂
I am a book freak and have a library of my own, so far I have 400 books but one day I’ll have the best collection in the world and I’ll have BIG library complete with floor to ceiling narrow strips of windows and dark oak sleves full of beautiful precious books with plush red sofa arrangement where you can relax and enjoy a good book fully…sigh…

Lubz ……. Wow, You are making me jealous of you….. !!!!
I hope as soon as you have a library of your own,inshallah, I shall be given its free membership ……….. 🙂
What are the interesting books in your collection ?

Oh, I have too many 🙂
I’ll upload a page on my blog regarding my favourites soon enough..inshahAllah….
Oh sure, you’ll get the free membership..infact consider yourself an honorary member from now on 🙂

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