Surah Al-Baqarah

Posted on: Friday, October 26, 2007

I am currently reading the translation of Quran, I read it once before too, but I wanted to read it once more with more understanding, more maturity and keeping my thoughts & mind open.Reading Quran with translation expands the knowledge width of ours and helps us understand the way we should be living our lives, the way to the correct path.

I am in the Second surah of our holy Quran, Surah Al-Baqarah (The cow). It is said that this surah was named from the story of yellow heifer (Verse # 67-71),though it widely covers many topics.This surah was revealed at Al-Madeenah in the year 1 and 2 A.H, for the most part, certain verses of legislation being considered as of later date.

The verse which actually provoked me to write this post is Verse # 216 :- ” …… But it may happen that you hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that you love a thing which is bad for you.Allah knoweth ,you know not.”
As soon as I read this verse, I though how true the words of Allah are. We try to base our decision on the basis of our mere likes and dislikes, giving no importance to what lies in our best interests.Strange …… But true.Afterall what do we know about what is going to help us and what is going to lead us to the wrong path. ?????

We ask Allah for many things, Everything isn’t going to benefit us,hence Allah grants us things only which can/will be beneficial for us. But when a certain prayer of us isn’t answered, a certain wish isn’t granted, we get disheartened & think that Allah is angry with us for which this wish/prayer isn’t granted/accepted. That’s the wrong way to take, We should believe in Allah and move ahead thinking that Allah has planned something much better than what we asked ,which will someday glow its charm.We cannot understand Allah’s planning, humans are not blessed with the capacity to understand it.

So, all my friends,sisters and brothers, Have faith in Allah,who has the love and affection of 70 mothers for every Muslim …….. One mother loves us so dearly, imagine what the love of 70 mothers would be like ???????

May Allah bless us all with enough wisdom and understanding, and direct us to the right path,Ameen.


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Thanks again Maryam!…

Yes..its matter of faith…Alhamdolillah!. We don’t know even a single thing….not even about the next moment as I write this comment…let alone its effects. Only Allah knows!. Thats why when we do Istikhara and leave everything on Allah….it becomes so easy…and u get peace of mind.
Allah guide us all 🙂

Salaam Maryam. I am a recent convert to Islam & so I read the English translation of the Quran quite often, & each time I read, I see & learn something different.& each time what I learn is so relevant to what I am going through. Thats the beauty of it Alhamdolillah. Allah is always there to guide us, of course, its just that sometimes we are the ones not ready. Allah only knows what is best for us, after all Allah is our Creator & the Creator of everything.
I loved your post. May Allah grant you more & more ilm & give you all that is right in this lifetime.

salam Maryam, Every time one reads this book, one learns something new.

Also the thing about the love of 70 mothers, its not just for Muslim, its for all human beings. 🙂

The best thing about Quran is, everytime you read it, you can relate it your life, and your surroundings. same ayah, different meaning, everytime !! 🙂

I didn’t comment before thought I read it already. I was pretty impressed with you reading Quran with translation since I was planning to do the same for months but… Hayae procrastination!.. yours motivated me to read Quran with translation even if its just three lines…

I was shocked today because those three Quranic verses were the answer of my question I had in my mind for months and months..

So thanks sweety 🙂 you not only motivated me but also provided an indirect help as well.. God bless ya for this..

Mash’Allah sis, I love the new look of your blog.

What a beautiful entry. I agree that each time you read the Quran that it gives you a feeling of being able to relate to what life means or gives you the answer to your problems.

Alhandulillah. May Allah reward you for this.


Well nice post, its true the more u read the more u learn frm this Holy Book , these are the few virtues of this surah, am posting 4 u, since u r reading it now;

“(Do not turn your houses into graves. Verily, Shaytan does not enter the house where Surat Al-Baqarah is recited.)” At-Tirmidhi said,

In his Musnad, Ad-Darimi recorded that Ibn Mas`ud said,
“Whoever recites ten Ayat from Surat Al-Baqarah in a night, then Shaytan will not enter his house that night. (These ten Ayat are) four from the beginning, Ayat Al-Kursi (255), the following two Ayat (256-257) and the last three Ayat.”

In another narration, Ibn Mas`ud said, “Then Shaytan will not come near him or his family, nor will he be touched by anything that he dislikes. Also, if these Ayat were to be recited over a senile person, they would wake him up.”

Further, Sahl bin Sa`d said that the Messenger of Allah said,
“(Everything has a hump (or, high peek), and Al-Baqarah is the high peek of the Qur’an. Whoever recites Al-Baqarah at night in his house, then Shaytan will not enter thathouse for three nights. Whoever recites it during a day in his house, then Shaytan will not enter that house for three days.)” This Hadith was collected by Abu Al-Qasim At-Tabarani, Abu Hatim Ibn Hibban in his Sahih and Ibn Marduwyah.

This is the wording collected by At-Tirmidhi, who said that this Hadith is Hasan. In another narration, At-Tirmidhi recorded this same Hadith in a Mursal manner, so Allah knows best.

Also, Al-Bukhari recorded that Usayd bin Hudayr said that he was once reciting Surat Al-Baqarah while his horse was tied next to him. The horse started to make some noise. When Usayd stopped reciting, the horse stopped moving about. When he resumed reading, the horse started moving about again. When he stopped reciting, the horse stopped moving, and when he resumed reading, the horse started to move again. Meanwhile, his son Yahya was close to the horse, and he feared that the horse might step on him. When he moved his son back, he looked up to the sky and saw a cloud radiating with light that looked like lamps.

In the morning, he went to the Prophet and told him what had happened and then said, “O Messenger of Allah! My son Yahya was close to the horse and I feared that he might step on him. When I attended to him and raised my head to the sky, I saw a cloud with lights like lamps. So I went, but I couldn’t see it.” The Prophet said, “Do you know what that was” He said, “No.” The Prophet said,
“(They were the angels, they came close hearing your voice (reciting Surat Al-Baqarah), and if you had kept reading, the people would have been able to see the angels when the morning came, and the angels would not be hidden from their eyes.)”
This is the narration reported by Imam Abu Ubayd Al-Qasim bin Salam in his book Fada’il Al-Qur’an.

Hi ,
One more thing that i must thank u for is that , i didnt have any intention of reading the Quran’s translation at this time, but i hv actually already started it. All thx 2 u. Take Care. Allah Bless u always. 🙂

Well I also had started reading translation some months ago and Wht I found in Sura- Al- Baqarah is (Its not original meaning, its mafhoom, may Allah forgive any mistake) ” Aur Allah ko is baat se koi sharam nahin k woh Machar ya is se bhi Haqeer sheeh k missal(example) dae, baeshaq woh apni aik baat se kayoon(many) ko gumrah kar deta hai aur kayoon ko rah-e-raast pae lae aata hai”.

It is like a coincidence that I found this exactly after one day when I was in discussing a issue with my frnd and I gave example of PIG and he claim that u cannot quote pig. Allah has given everything (nearly) in Quran and we just need to find them. May Allah bless all of us.

i ev also started to recite Quran with translation and when i gone through this verse,i felt same as you mentioned…Most of us and me especially are lacking in patience and want things as we wish and get it at first hand…and when it doesnt turn up as we would ev dreamed of ,than says to Allah why its happend to me ONLY and get Him realized about all our ibaadat rather to cash out it..May Allah guide us and strengthen our faith..Ameen

Zios ….. Your words are very true …Thanks for your comment.

Ayesha …….. Good to hear that you have converted to Islam now, I am very happy for you.Yeah …. Reading Quran with translation always opens different doors for us and unlocks various answers to our day-to-day problems.

Jahandost ….. Yeah, You are right. I find it very fasinating that Allah holds the love of 70 mothers for every creature of his.

Crybaby …… True indeed

Lubz …. Thanks for your lovely comment, I am very happy that i encouraged you to read Quran with translation. This is the most valuable comment to me ever.

Ummabdurrahmaan …….. Thank you, I was pretty bored with the old look,hence changed it…. 🙂

Fatima ………. Thanks a lot for your lovely hadith, I plan to post them on my blog with your name, Can i????
Once again, I am very happy to know that my post encouraged you to read Quran with translation.

Hassan ………. Its true that Allah has mentioned everything in Quran. I read the english translation though,looks like you read the urdu one, I cannot read Urdu, but i wish i could, I will inshallah try to read the Urdu translation as it explains us things in a better way.

Aashely …. Exactly, I felt the same way too, There were many times when i felt like only I am the one with so many worries, I was wrong …. May Allah forgive me for that.

Thanks everyone for your support and comments, Allah Bless you all.

I am happy tht u liked it, ya sure u can .
Take Care.

What a beautiful lesson for us all to learn from your views on those 3 verses of surah baqrah! True it may be that we dislike something that is good for us vice versa like something which is bad for us. Allah knows and we do not know. Good post maryam.

Salam Maryam,

Jazakillah for sharing, always finding myself learning something new from all the sisters’ blogs.

May Allah bless you always!


I read the entire translation of the Quran 3 years back – i mean sincerely, earlier I used to read some parts but I made an effort to complete the entire Quran with meaning and i learnt so much from it. Its so informative and I have developed an interest towards reading the Quran since then. Ive always questioned myself – what do I understand from the prayers everyday? We go to the mosque and just perform the actions, without knowing the content of the prayers… So I started to memorize surahs, and Im going a bit slow on that, but Alhamdulillah its going good. learning the surahs with meaning makes it more easier. In the 21st century there are very few youngsters who like to spend time for Quran, lets all make a conscious effort in memorizing and understanding the Quran.

Yes i read the urdu one coz I have that available.

Jazak’Allahkhair for the post, this is a great reminder

Asalamu Alaykum maryam,
jazakallahu khair for such a nice post and thoughts.

Surah Baqarah is indeed a treasure from the Quran. Especially this verse gives great relief and contentment.
The solution of all our problems is in the application of the commands of Allah in the Quran and following the sunnah.

Salam alaykum Maryam
I also read the translation of the Qur’an. It’s important to know the background and context of the surah though, so I try and read with tafsir which helps me appreciate the beauty much more. I wish I read Arabic, which I will learn inshallah, but I try to memorise the ayat as i go along, learning the key vocabulary. I read 3 different translations and compare them, so that I’m not blindly accepting the words of one without hearing what another interpretation of that word or phrase could be. I read the version by Saheeh Internation of Jeddah, Abdullah Yusuf Ali and an interesting one from a non Muslim J.M Rodwell i think his name is.

Surah al Baqarah is amazing! Along with al Maidah, al Ikhlas and an Nas, I would say it is one of my personal favourites to read translation of from the noble Quran

Your post was beautiful, and has motivated me to go and read some Quran instead of waste my time online,
god bless you

This not accepted by force on scientists… we know that Qur’an
is complete book… but science is based on experiences so It was , is and will be accepted 100% right for human it is the only book which covers every thing and when you start reading it again you find new thing… it will be till end of mortality …
About these holy words they are amazing and gives us complete lesson just in a single word….

Fatima … Thanks for the permission … 🙂

Azza05,Adikbongsu …… Thank you for your lovely comment

Assemkhan … Mashallah, You certainly are making Allah happy. As it is said, ‘Jawaani ki ibaadat, ibaadat hoti hai’
You are right, Youngsters now-a-days arent interested in Quran and Their religion. Its a shame really. May Allah guide very Muslim, Ameen.

Hassan Speaks … Urdu or English, doesnt matter. As long as its Quran we are reading, and knowing its meaning… 🙂

… You are welcome .. 🙂

Javeria … You are right Mashallah. The best rememdy for distress and doubt is Performing wadhu and reading some verses of Quran or readinf Nafil prayers.

Jasmine … Its a very good habit that you prefer three translations, as not to accept something blindly. Surely knowledge is for the one’s who search for it.
Reading Quran with Tafsir is indeed good, as we even get to know more about the Surah like why it was revealed, When was it revealed etc
I am glad my post motivated you to read Quran now. I am HONOURED really … 🙂

Unknown to anyone .. Yes, Quran covers almost everything. And if it is checked scientifically ,Everything stands true and beneficial. Mighty is Allah. May HE guide us all, Ameen


with almighty’s blessings even i find peace in reading quran by translation

just today after saying my maghrib prayers i was reciting the last ruku of sure baqara

i have a question on verse 61, what is the story behind that surah.. im really interested in it, can u tell me the story?

i am rwandan doing my bachelaors degree in arts interpreting and translation i am intrested in translating the holly quran in Kinyarwanda. What can u advise me. I dont have deep knoledge in arabic language, and i found all previous translations(in Frenc and English) paraphrase a lot many concepts from arabic words. this is right, but how to overcome syntaxical problems? how far arabic syntax contribute to the meaning of the holly qur’an?

your help

Masha Allah great post . I was about to read the translation of this Surah and thought of checking the virtues of it .It is truly inspiring Masha Allah . Keep up the good work

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