Tell Me Your Dreams

Posted on: Saturday, October 20, 2007

I remember reading this book when I first started going to the Library.As a beginner, I was totally glued to it. It was a roller coaster ride for me,which I fully enjoyed.I have the habit of selecting books by their covers and its name.For me a name and its cover describes the kind of book its gonna be ….. πŸ™‚ ……. I know, I know ,shouldn’t be going on looks,as looks decieve, I was actually decieved by covers too,Anyways ………… Will talk about that later on.

I am gonna write about the book “Tell me your dreams”(1998) Isnt its name so inviting …. ?????? This is a book by the famous writer ‘Sydney Sheldon’.I am not a huge fan of his work,but I did read some of his books,liked some and …….. Bottom line is – Did not love all his books.

Three beautiful women
Sharing one dangerous secret ………
This describes the whole book.
It has all the ingredients necessary to make a book interesting.For me the twist/secret was what made me shrill with excitement.

Its a Thriller story by Sydney, which i am almost crazy about. A series of murders….., investigation reveals involvement of three women (Ashley, Toni and Alette),……revelation of one secret that complicates the case ……. The culprit is caught,……….but is she the real culprit,Is she the one behind all the murders …… ????????

The rating part :- Β I would rate this book a 5 on 5 along with a tag ‘Must-To-Be-Read Novel’
Now anyone who read this book,you liked it ??????, Looking forward to your opinion about this book……. πŸ™‚


12 Responses to "Tell Me Your Dreams"

i hate sydney sheldon … all the novels are like, there is this victim girl, surrounded by crisis and ends up marrying a goodie goodie rich guy .. wtf ?

5 out of 5 hmm. Speaking of good read, have you read Dostoevsky?

I read this book when I was in school, this was my first ever taste of Sydney Sheldon. Like you said, I was hooked on it..like a rollar coaster ride!

Though I don’t read Sheldon anymore, too kiddish πŸ™‚ yet I have all the books he ever wrote. His best work is Sand of Times and Tommorow Never Comes. If possible, do read them.

Well., Sidney Sheldon is my all time favourite, i have read almost all his novels, and ya Tell me your dreams is one of his good ones.

Oh, read that book like years back. I guess 5-6 years back. And yeah, like it very much. πŸ™‚

I’m not a big sheldon fan.
but I was listening to NPR a few years back and i herd about this book called “The Sea” by John Banville. It has to be one of the most beautiful and thoughtful books I have ever read. An introspection on life and the passing of time. You might enjoy it.

tell me your dreams maryam ? a very inviting book title indeed .
maryam you just got tagged !
to write about dangerous books !

Tell Me Your Dreams is a anovel which just hook u till last moment and it was thrill to read to his dreams and how much hard time he had faceto make them true and how much time his roller coaster got down and how did he pick it upand take it to the top agian…awesome work!!

Crybaby ……. As i mentioned , i dont love his novels too.But the story which you are talking about is quite common and can be found in many other books too.

Jahandost …. No, I havent, But will surely try to…. πŸ™‚

Lubz …. Thanks for sharing them with me, I am not sure i would like to try Sydney sheldon anymore. I will add that in my To-be-read list.

Fatima ……… You love his books ?????

Shuaib …. Yeah, I liked it too.

Bhaijaan …… Thanks for letting me know, I would like to read it sometime.

Amal …. I am sorry, I dint understand what been tagged means …. Afterall i am a newbie here … lol

Aashley ….. I am not sure whether you are talking about the same book as mine, coz as much as i remember, The man been talked about in the book is a Girl, I am sorry If i am wrong ….. πŸ™‚

maryam sis , check out my post on ‘tagged by tia’ , I just put it up . then you will totally understand what I mean, just follow the steps their ‘dangerouse books’ is your tag title πŸ™‚

Thanks Amal, That was a great help …….. πŸ˜€

Tell me your dreams… I guess it’s Sidney at his best… His recent books however, is kinda disappointing…

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