Hadith on Charity

Posted on: Monday, October 15, 2007

Anas bin Malik reported that the prophet S.A.S said, “Verily, charity appeases the wrath of Allah and eases the suffering of death.”

Abu Hurayrah reported that the prophet S.A.S said,  When a person dies, his actions come to an end except in respect to three things that he leaves behind: a continuous charity, beneficial knowledge that helps others, and righteous children who pray for him.”

Ibn Muas’ud narrated: When the prophet S.A.S said “Which one of you loves the property of his heirs more than his own property?” he was told, “O Messenger of Allah, no one.” So he said, ” Your property is that which you send forward (in charity) but that which you hold back belongs to your heirs.”

Abdullah bin Mas’ud reported that the prophet S.A.S said, “There are three kinds of people who are loved by Allah, a man who gets up at night to read the Quran, a man who gives alms with his right hand so secretly that he conceals it from his left hand , and a man in a battalion who encounters an enemy when his companions are routed.”(the one who fights in the cause of Allah and shows courage and steadfastness)

Abu Hurayrah reported that the prophet S.A.S said, ” Charity is incumbent upon every human limb everyday. Bringing peace between two  contending people is charity, helping a person to mount a camel or loading his baggage for him is charity, every step taken towards a mosque is charity, and removing anything from a  roadway that causes an inconvenience is also charity.”

Abu Mas’ud related that the prophet S.A.S said, “Whenever a Muslim spends something for his family, hoping for its reward from Allah, it is recorded as an act of charity for him.”

A’ishah reported: “Once a man said to the prophet S.A.S,’My mother suddenly died, and I believe that, she lived longer, she would have given something is charity. Would she receive reward if I were to give charity on her behalf?’ At that, the prophet S.A.S replied, “Yes! You should give something in charity on her behalf.”


9 Responses to "Hadith on Charity"

Thankyou Maryam’
Allah bless you. 🙂

As Salaamu Alaikum Sis:

Mash’Allah, what beautiful haith. Thanks for posting them.


Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Beautiful blog you’ve got here 🙂

Beautiful post Maryam 🙂 So true about giving charity – it eases the wrath of allah and grants protection. We should all give as much sadaqa as we can.

Assalaamu Alaikum,

Excellent entry. I love the hadiths you listed there. They are truly beautiful and an inspiration.

Very nice blog!

Thank you for your comments ……… I appreciate your encouragement.
Hoping to continue getting your opinion/comments always …… 🙂

A.Salam Maryam,

MashaAllah very nice hadiths. I would like to know more about hadith’s but before that I would like to give brief myself. I am owning my own charity which is based in Pakistan and operating from UK. I was looking for this kind of hadith’s to post on my charity website with reference to to topics and projects we are working on.

Please do let me know if you can helpe me to provide more hadith’s with proper references.

I have already given my email address to reach me but you can note again


Thank You Maryam Sister. Today, Using the info you provided, I provided clarity to people on facebook about a topic. Thank you. May Allah Bless You and have Mercy on you on the Day of Judgement.

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