A Beautiful Story

Posted on: Friday, October 12, 2007

On the 27th night of Ramadan,ย  There were some special duas and prayers been made in Tarawee prayers. After the prayers, some stories were said of prophet S.A.S and his time. Among them i liked the following one and wanted to share that with world, Give it a read and let me know your opinion about it.

Once while Farookh Omar R.A.A was on his way to Prophet S.A.S’s place for the
regular gatherings, he sees a young man sitting under a tree and weeping uncontrollably. He stops and asks him the reason for his tears. The man replies weeping that he has committed a very big/major sin, about which he believes he will not be forgiven. On hearing this Farookh Omar R.A.A felt bad and further enquired about his sin, On which the man answered that the sin which he committed is so big and complicated that he cannot understand where and how to start from. The Man requests Farookh Omar R.A.A to ask Muhammad S.A.S to plead before Allah to forgive him, as he knew that Farookh Omar R.A.A was on his way to Muhammad S.A.S
Farookh Omar R.A.A goes at Prophet S.A.S’s place ad starts weeping remembering the young man and his tears shed for repentance.Muhammad S.A.S asks him the reason for his uncontrollable tears. He tells the whole story to prophet S.A.S ,on which Muhammad S.A.S asks Farookh Omar R.A.A to go and get that young man along with him to Prophet S.A.S

The young man comes to Muhammad S.A.S and sits there weeping before him. When he was asked to tell him why was/is he crying, he replies the same way he did to Farookh Omar R.A.A, Muhammad S.A.S begins to think about his sin, The Man said that he committed a sin which he believes cannot be forgiven. “Then the prophet S.A.S asks to the man ” How much big is your sin ? Is it bigger than this earth ?”
“Is it bigger than the sky?”
“Is it bigger than the whole universe?”
“Yes, Bigger than that”
“Have you joined some partners with Allah ? Have you committed shirk ?”
“Then What sin have you committed, I cant think of anything, Tell me what sin are you talking about ?”
“I am a thief”
“Thief …. ??? I don’t think being a thief is a sin that cannot be forgiven..”
“I am not a common thief, I am a kafan thief”
“A kafan thief”
“Yes, After a dead man or woman is buried,i go there in night time,dig the grave and then steal the kafan of the dead man. I make my living out of that. Yesterday while i was digging out a grave ,i found out that it was a dead woman. She was a very beautiful woman, I stole her kafan and she laid naked before me, I couldn’t control myself and i ended up having Zeena (illegal sexual intercourse).Once i was done, Allah then gave the woman the tongue to speak, She spoke ” I have spend my whole life as a neat and clean lady. I was a woman with a nice and sound character, I never was naked before a stranger, neither was i raped before. Everytime i had a sexual intercourse with my husband i used to take ghusl (bath) and clean myself, But now all because of you i cant as i am a dead person now. You have made me unclean and ugly. On the day of Resurrection, i will have to wake up before Allah in this state because of you.”
Hearing this, the man realised his mistake and began running as soon as his legs can take him. He sat under a tree and started weeping as Farookh Omar R.A.A located him.”

After hearing the whole story prophet S.A.S grows angry and says ” I have never in my whole life heard a sin like this before and I cannot plead your case before Allah, and I would advice you too go away from here,as i don’t want to see you.”

The young man runs away from there and goes to a place where he can repent in Seclusion. He binds himself in pleasing Allah for 40 continuous days, he starts reading prayers on time and spending lot of time in zikr-ul-allah. Allah gets happy seeing the dedication of the man and sends Angel Gibriel to the earth to Muhammad S.A.S, He ascends towards the earth and asks prophet S.A.S ,Why did he spoke those words with the man who came to him to plead his case before Allah” . Muhammad S.A.S is then informed about the man,his dedication and his need for the forgiveness from Allah.
Muhammad S.A.S is then ordered by Allah to go to the man and give him the news that Allah forgave him for his sin.

Now, Isn’t that a beautiful and thought provoking story. I could feel the chill in my spine when i heard the story first. Thought of sharing this with all of you, What do you all have to say about this story ???


14 Responses to "A Beautiful Story"

thanks for sharing. Beautiful indeed.

yes indeed, it is a story with lots to reflect on. Personally, we can learn from these kinds of stories.
Thanks for posting it sis.


Eid Mubarak by the way too.

AA- Maryam,

Nice story…obviously the moral of the story is the infinite Mercy and Forgiveness of Allah (swt).

However, I just can’t accept that the Prophet (saw), a Mercy to all the worlds, could have reacted in such a cold manner. That’s just not the Prophet that I have grown to love.

Normally I don’t run after the ‘isnad’ of the hadith, but in this case I would be interested to see how authentic it is – only because of that portion of the story…

All in all, a nice story.

EID Mubarak. Thanks for dropping by my site.

maryam are you sure this story is authentic ?

walaya …. Thanks for your comment

Ummabdurrahman …… Yeah, I thought so too.

brnaeem ………. I couldnt accept that part too, but thats exactly what i heard. I loved the moral of the story though.

Liju Philip ….. Thanks for drooping by on my site too … ๐Ÿ™‚

Amal, I am not sure about that. This story was said in the Masjid by a Alim Sahib. May Allah forgive all of us fpr whatever mistakes we do, including this one …. :-). I liked the moral of the story, Its a very strong one in my opinion.

Eid Mubarak to all of you.

indeed a story that had lots of values for us to learn. I remember hearing this story when i was a teenager….

jazakillah sister for the post… ๐Ÿ™‚

Maryam i heard a version of this story from a talk by a maulana in the masjid as well, but slightly different. What i heard was that the kafn theif had sex with the dead lady, but he repented and later died. Than prophet saw’s got news from Allah that he had been forgiven and Allah had joined the man and the lady in nikah in jannat. Thats the version i heard.

Assalaam O alaikum
thank u so much sharing.
I would like to say ” ALLAH TALLAH G is no doubt very very zabardast Raheem,,, if your thinking is clean and you ask anything anything from ALLAH TALLAH G with a clean heart He will fulfills your needs, inshALLAH”
please do pray for all Muslim Ummar and me as well..



assalam-o-alaikum, jazakallah may allah mercy on u

assalam-o-alaikum, jazakallah a lot .may allah mercy on u

dear maryam,thanks for bringing such stories to us,its my first time i heard this stroy,im really greatfully reflected.its a strong moral for us.hope Allah(swt) have mercy on all muslim,do pray for ur brothers first thn urself:)
Looking for more……

Its a great story,what i feel is if at all you had made a mistake and you are guilty of it and ask for forgiveness to Allah he does forgive after all he holds a heart of 70 mothers.

I do hv heard the story only looking for reference as someone is not believing it

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