The Women in His Life

Posted on: Sunday, October 7, 2007

Currently i have been reading a book. Though it was a big,fat novel, i did enjoy reading it. I haven’t read any of the books by Barbara Taylor Ford,but just this one – “The Women in His Life”(1990) .Yup, this is the book, that i am gonna write about today. I have met some people who have a strange opinion about reading books,According to them reading books is a task that requires a lot of patience and free time.Now C’mmon , name one thing that you do in your life that doesn’t require your patience and time ?????

Coming back to my book, This story (Fiction) revolves around a man
named Maximilian West (A Jew), a billionaire business tycoon and the major role each woman in his plays, His Mother, His Nanny, His wife’s, His Mistress and his Daughter. He appears to have everything. But in reality Maximilian is riven with internal conflict and torn apart by personal doubts. Max looses his mother (Ursula) at a very small age and is then taken care by his nanny (Teddy). He life then moves ahead and he falls in love and marries a girl Anastasia. Many women have loved Maxim – and many strive to reach his fortress heart: Anastasia, his first wife; Camilla, the beautiful English actress; Adriana, the competitive American career woman; and Blair, the mistress who schemes to become his wife. But only one woman holds the key that will unlock Maximilian’s secret – and set his soul free. . .

The factor behind a good novel is of-course a good plot and strong characters but a good way of presenting your story too.Though i have a good story i maynot be able to make that a bestseller if i wasn’t able to present my thoughts and story in a appreciative way.Right ??? This story/book satisfies me in that genre.I do appreciate the work by Barbara and i am definitely looking forward to read more of her books.

This story focuses on the point that a Woman plays a very important role in a Man’s life.Though many men are not comfortable accepting that,Right Guys ???? Good story, Nice Ending,and yeah … I enjoyed reading the book.

Now the rating part,I would give it 4 on 5.

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7 Responses to "The Women in His Life"

Good review Maryam . Revealing the idea but not the details so the reader is attracted to it 🙂 .
It might be true that few men are not comfortable in admitting that women played important role in their life but I have seen so many successful men acknowledging the importance of women in their success. I wonder how many successful women do that? 😛

the review was good, but you said there that you can relate to it. So there is a woman that can unlock your heart :o.

all kind of naughty ideas in my head 😛

Good review!!! I would say reading is one part of my life I’d never be ab;e to forsake. You don’t need free time to read, you find time to read 🙂 I read some of Barbara Taylor books. They were not too bad.

Zios ….. Talking about women, Many women are forced to leave their dear profession sometimes for the sake of the Man or family, So even if some women forget mentioning men in their success, i dont think it makes a big deal,Does it ???

Crybaby ……. I dont think i wrote i can relate myself with the story.Did i ???

BbZush …… Good to find someone who thinks the same as me about my crazy passion for books.

good review maryam , men are big babys , they will always need a woman , they make out their all macho , but in reality they All need a woman in their heart to tender to their needs as they say .

how are you doing hope your doing well as i am here and how is your family too bye the way pleas would you like me as your friend i wish you will say yes if not pleas write samething good to me hpe to here from you soon bye

Yeah Amal, That is exactly what i think and feel too.Men = Hard and strong from outside and hollow and weak from inside.

….. You did not give me your correct page address, I am afraid there was a typing mistake in it, I will be looking forward to your address…… 🙂

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