Hadith on Siyam (Fasting)

Posted on: Thursday, October 4, 2007

Abu Hurayrah related the prophet S.A.S said, “Whoever fasts Ramadan because of faith seeking reward from Allah alone, wil have his past sins forgiven; whoever prays at night during Ramadan because of Iman,seeking reward from Allah alone,will have its past sins forgiven; and whoever passes Lailatul Qadr in prayer because of Iman, seeking reward from Allah alone, will have its past sins forgiven.”

Abu sa’eed Al-Khudri reported that the prophet S.A.S said, “When a servant of Allah for a day for the sake of Allah, he thereby repels the fire (of Hell)  distance of seventy years.”

Abu Hurayrah related that the Prophet S.A.S said, ” If a person does not avoid vain talk and evil conduct during fasting,Allah does not care if he abstains from food and drink.”

Abu Hurayrah reported that the prophet S.A.S said, “If anyone forgets and eats or drinks by accident while he is fasting, he should complete his fast, for it is Allah who has fed him and given him drink.”

Anas bin Malik related that the prophet S.A.S said, “Take Sahur (pre-dawn meal) for there are blessings in it.”

Zayd bin Khalid al-Juhani narrated that the prophet S.A.S said, ” He who provides for the breaking of the fast of another person earns the same reward as the one who is fasting, and no reduction is made in the reward of the latter. “

Nafl Siyam (Voluntary Fasting)

Aishah related ” The prophet S.A.S used to fast on Mondays and Thursdays”. In an another hadith it is said by prophet S.A.S that ‘Aman;s deeds are raised up to Allah on Mondays and Thursdays, and I prefer to be fasting when my deeds are reported.”

Abu Dharr reported that the prophet S.A.S said, ” If you want to observe fasting three days in a month, then make them the 13th, 14th and 15th nights of the lunar month.”

Abu Ayyub related tha the prophet S.A.S said, ” One who observes the fasting during Ramadan and thn follows it with six days of fasting, during Shawwal is as if he fasted for the whole year.”

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13 Responses to "Hadith on Siyam (Fasting)"

I struggle with fasting outside of ramathan , I want to fast mondays and thursdays but something will always hold me back like what is happening that day , fasting is the best of self discipline , it stops you from doing all sins . because your fasting , then that teaches you self control , this time inshallah after ramathan I want to fast one day a week every other week , so it wont seem much , once I get used to that I will fast every other week twice a week . It is self development process .:)

As Salaamu Alaikum Sis:

I enjoyed reading through your entry. Insh’ALlah, I would like to continue fasting as well on Mondays and Thursdays after making up all those days I missed during Ramadan.
Yes, it brings a level of self-control when you are accustomed to fasting.

Insh’ALlah, I will check back on your blog. Very beneficial.

Amal, Its the same with me. But now i will try my level best to fast the other days too.I pray that Allah helps you with that too.

Abdur Rahman …. Thanks. Good thought, Allah will give ajar for evey good deed that we do in this world. Good to know that you found my blog beneficial, and do come by again.

Al Salam 2 every 1, what other reward do u get from fasting mondays & thursdays apart from AlLLAH keeps ur face away from the hell fire 4 70 years if u fast 1 day. jasak Allah khair

When Quoting Hadith, Kindly please reference it:
e.g Hadith By Sahih Al-Bukhari
Volume ** Book ** Number**

Hamza … I avoid doing that for space issues, but I assure you each and every hadith stated here is authentic as can be read on my ‘Safe and Secure’ page.
I have even mentioned there for anyone like you interested, to write to me asking its reference and it shall be provided inshallah.

Okay I see your point, I’ll try to add the reference myself. Others can double check it.

bismiAllah hir Rahman nir Raheem

assalam o alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu


Please provide full authentic sources of hadith you mentioned. It is very very important to quote correct sources, including book, volume and #

First of all this way others can copy & paste full ahadiths with sources to spread them. It is responsibility of each Muslim to verify hadiths from sources before they start spreading.

Authentic sources are very important because to differentiate them from those who quote fake hadiths, with authentic sources present, every reader and muslims will be able to differentiate b/w authentic and unauthentic hadiths, because those who spread fake one will not have any sources to mention so they can never bring one, hence those can be recognized easily from true hadiths.

For e.g.

By giving me sources, I will easily open book, check volume and # to verify it is true. Then I can copy & paste and spread. Otherwise it will take hours to search the sources to find the book, # and volume.

Every Muslim must mention true source with every hadith and Quran Ayat, because this way these will be differentiated from the one who write or tell fake ones. As fake ones cannot bring original sources, those will be differentiated from original hadiths because sources will attached with original ones.

For ease of people and to spread Islam you must mentioned full sources of hadith.

Just imagine a new muslim is reading any such post of hadiths, how will he/she differentiate b/w true ones and fake ones. There must always be sources mentioned with whatever we quote.

I appreciate your concern, however it wasn’t needed. If you would read through my website thoroughly then you must have had seen that I have mentioned something about the authenticity here. I run an Islamic blog you see, so mentioning references for each and every story and hadith I post would take up a lot of space, which is something I dont have much. I haven’t bought the website yet and hence have to utilize the limited space available wisely.

I am a god fearing muslimah too, just like you maybe. I am aware the punishments Allah would give to those to spread false hadiths and thats why I am not one of them. I would suggest you leave that concern and go through my Safe and Secure page, alright?

Okay I think everyone is crystal on the point here. There are enough cautious people reading this blog who would definitely follow up for new Muslims, in case they are slightly perplexed.


Please could you attach references to all your hadith

Can any 1 tell me more about fasting on monday and thursday can we do it every week outside ramadan

can any one tell me please.

yes,the prophet was ask why is he fasting on monday,he reply by saying because i was born on monday.
what about on thursday,he said because the angel take the voucher of every human being to allah on thrsdays

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As salaam alaikum Readers,

This is to assure that all the content seen/ to be see on this blog is authentic inshallah. If anyone wishes to inquire about the references, please write to me. You can do so by filling the contact form in my Question/Reach me page.

Wish you have a good and blessed day, Ameen

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