The Notebook

Posted on: Friday, September 28, 2007

I always wished that i would have a home near a well equipped library, which alhamdulillah is fulfilled now.I was not blessed with this luxury but lately.I live very near to a big library and that is the best thing that i like in Ontario.You are never far from a nice,big and well equipped library.

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Coming to this book named The Notebook (1996). Its the best romantic novel i have read till date. Its story is so aspiring that the filmmakers couldn’t resist it and ended making a movie in 2004 named as The Notebook. Its a novel written by Nicholas Spark. You can know more about this book on the site http://www.thenotebookmovie.com/ .I was truly amazed after reading this wonderful story about a girl (Allie Nelson) and a boy (Noah Calhoun),their life and the way their story ends. I don’t wanna leak this story to you, but i would truly appreciate if you would give this book a chance and read it.Once you give it a try,you will surely come back to my blog and comment about my choice about this novel.

There were many instances while reading the novel,when i felt that my cheeks were wet with tears and many places when i noticed a smile on my lips.Its a story which captures you till the last page and when you finish reading the book, you will close you eyes and recollect the pure and beautiful story written in the best possible way by Nicholas.It is a breath taking story and will not allow you to leave reading it until you finish it, until you come to know what their destiny decides for them. Its a book that can be read again and again and again. I was personally very impressed by the way the writer has presented the story. Hats off to him.

Now the rating part, I would rate the book 5 on 5 along with a tag – “Best Romantic Novel” ever.

What do you think ???


7 Responses to "The Notebook"

Oh wow …. sounds really good 🙂

And lol at wet cheeks, you are mys s regarding shedding tears for novels and movies and even dramas 🙂

Nice blog!!!


Thanks for commenting on my blog.

I also think the story for The Notebook was one of the best…I couldn’t stop crying by the end..I haven’t read the book yet though..which did you think was better, the book or the movie?

Asma …. I had to admit,It was such a story that it drew tears out of me, Read/Watch it and you will agree with me.
Looking forward to your comments and visits

… Though i havent seen the whole movie, but i think i liked the book more.
Looking forward to your comments and visits

I have not read the book but have seen the movie couple of times….its beautiful!
I think book would be better …but I , generally, don’t read book if the book is marketed aggressively after the movie.

Talking about Library…I liked that too and live just next to the BIG library. One of the things I love about Toronto is its libraries.

Nice post… 🙂

I dint get the chance to see the whole movie though, but i would advice you to read the book too,I am sure it will be worth your time and effort.
You live in Toronto,Where ??? Thats good, I live very near to that.
You are correct about libraries here, There is always one very nearby…….:-)

North York Central …the second after Toronto Reference Library

hey, i’ve just been on the site above, and i really liked it.. do you know if i can find an e book version of it ? i do not fink that a hard copy would be available down here in mauritius

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