Opening and Closing Chapters of Quran

Posted on: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In the opening chapter of Quran, we praise Allah, Infact, everything must start with the praise of Allah.In this opening chapter we ask Allah for two things – His Help and Guidance to the straight path.Both are very crucial for the success of a person in this world and there hereafter.Whenever a person tries to achieve these two thing Satan does its best to interfere,which can be done in two ways – by making plans and plots against the obedient servants of Allah and whispering evil thoughts in hearts of people,as mentioned in Surah Sad # 82-83 – ” (Satan) said, “By your Might, then I will surely mislead them all, except Your choosen slaves amongst them (i.e faithful, obedient, true believers of Islam)”

As Satan lives in this world with us and plots against us,Allah has given us powerful tools to fight against him to hi followers in the form of last two Surah’s of Quran.

Aisa R.A.A narrated that one hypocrite did magic to Prophet S.A.S.As a result of it Muhammad S.A.S fell ill.The nature of illness was such that sometimes he thought that he had finished a certain task,although it was not yet done.One day Allah showed the prophet in his dream the reason behind his illness,it was done by a man named Labeed bin Asam using S.A.S’s comb and teeth of a comb.The location of the comb was also given by Allah.Muhammad S.A.S went to that place and took out that comb.Ibn-e-Kathir has described from Imam Thalbi that there was a thread with eleven knots with that comb.Muhammad S.A.S undid each knot after reciting one verse from these surah’s.

Aisha R.A.A narrates that “Whenever Prophet S.A.S got ill, he used to recite the last two surah’s of Quran and after breathing on his hand,he used to touch his body with his hand.” No harm or benefit touches a person without the will of Allah.Hence, in order to save ourselves from all forms of evil, we must try to seek protection of Allah,and not just protection but should make ourselves a good candidate for His protection through good deeds and actions.

Uqba bin Amar R.A.A narrated that Prophet S.A.S said to me during a journey, “Would you like to learn two fantastic surahs”,I said ‘Yes,please teach me’.”He taught me Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Nas”.He even said to me to recite these surahs while you go to bed and when you wake up.

Recitation of Surah An-Nas will provide us protection against Satan inducing doubts within us spiritually.And Surah Al-Falaq  gives us protection against (a) From the Night,when the darkness spreads, (b) From the evil of witchcraft and (c)  From the evil of jealous people.

The last two Surahs are our shields against Satan and will protect us against all physical and spiritual evils.Now can everyone help but wonder What a beautiful and Fantastic closing is given to Quran by Allah……!!!!!!


3 Responses to "Opening and Closing Chapters of Quran"


Yes, in opening surah people ask for guidance and Allah blesses us with complete guidance that follows in next 113 Surahs, ending with protection against satan.

May Allah guide us all!, inshAllah!.

Zios …. Yes, Thats true indeed.

Thanks for coming by and do visit me again.

It is mandatary that a muslim who want an adequate protection in this worl make use of this last two Surats a daily recitition. May Allah be with us Ameen.

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